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Head, Public Affairs Office

Lieutenant Colonel Camillo della Nebbia was born in Ortona (Chieti) on 9th November 1970. Having completed the 171st Course of the Military Academy in Modena, followed by the School of Applied Military Studies in Turin, as a 2nd Lieutenant and Lieutenant he commanded at section and battery level in the ‘Conegliano’ Group of the 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment at Tolmezzo (Udine), from 1993-1997.

Head Public Affairs Office

From 1997 to 2001, he served with the ‘Bergamo’ Group of the 5th Mountain Artillery Regiment at Merano (BZ), as Commander of the 32nd Battery. In 2000 and 2001 he took part in Operation “Joint Forge in Bosnia”, with the 2nd and 5th Alpini Regiments respectively, heading the Public Affairs Operations Centre up to the time of its disbandment.

He then led the Logistic Command and Support Battery of the ‘Acqui’ 33rd Ground Artillery Regiment at L’Aquila, where he was also Adjutant for Regimental P.R.

On completion of the 129th General Staff Course (2nd session) and the 6th Comprehensive Course (2003-2004), on 1 April 2004 he was appointed Staff Officer in PAO of the General Army Staff and in Charge of the Media Combat Team, serving in this capacity in Iraq (2004), Albania (2005) and Afghanistan (2005-2006). From September 2007 to July 2008, he attended the 10th Interforces General Staff Course and 9th Legal Advisers’ Course at the Centre for Higher Defence Studies (CASD) in Rome.

In July 2008, he took charge of the 2nd Section of the Forces Organization Office in the Army General Staff General and Financial Planning Department.

In July 2009, he transferred to the Alpini Troops Command in Bolzano, where he served as Head of the Operational Section in the Operations Office, Head of Public Affairs, Head of the Secretariat and Military Assistant to the Commander General.

From 23 April 2012 to 29 August 2013 he commanded the ‘Aosta’ Group. From 10 September 2012 to 20 March 2013, he was temporary Commander of the 1st Ground Artillery Regiment and Commander of Operation ‘Strade Sicure’ in the city of Genoa. From October 2013 to August 2015 he was Head of Public Affairs at the Army General Staff Public Affairs and Communication Office. From 7 September 2016 to 3 March 2017, he was Deputy Chief PAO of NATO’s Kosovo Force (KFOR), in Pristina. On 6th March 2017, he took up his current position as Head PAO at the NDC.

A graduate in Political Science, he speaks English and is also proficient in German (2nd Language qualification, level D, awarded by the Alto Adige-Südtirol Region). Since June 2015, he has been a licensed journalist and has published a number of articles in military journals.

LtCol della Nebbia is married, with three children.

Decorations and medals:

Gold Cross for Military Seniority; Italian Bronze Medal for Seniority in Command (10 years); ‘Vespri Siciliani’ (1995-1997) and ‘Operazione Riace’ (1994-1995) Crosses; NATO Medal for Operations in Former Yugoslavia (2000-2001); Cross for Italian ISAF Personnel; Cross for Military Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia (2000-2001); ‘Operazione Domino’ Cross (2001); Cross for International Assistance Mission to Iraq (2004); NATO ISAF Medal (2005-2006); ‘Operazione Strade Sicure’ Cross (2014); Cross for Military Mission in Kosovo (2016-2017); NATO ‘Joint Enterprise’ Medal, Kosovo (2016-2017).

LtCol Camillo della Nebbia, Head Public Affairs Office, ITA-A

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