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13 Jan. 2018

The NATO Executive Development Programme (NEDP-9) at the NATO Defense College

The NATO Defense College was honoured to host the NATO Executive Development Programme (NEDP) during the second week of January.

12 Jan. 2018

Modular Short Course 131-5

During the second week of January 2018, the NATO Defense College hosted Modular Short Course (MSC) 131-5, entitled “Regional Issues”: it ran in conjunction with Senior Course 131, as part of the NDC’s educational mission.

22 Dec. 2017

SC 131 Regional Approaches and MD Field Study - Turkey/Istanbul

For its second stop in Turkey, SC 131 moved to Istanbul and attended three briefings in the National Defence University facilities (Atatürk Auditorium). The first speaker, Col Firtina, welcomed participants and introduced the Turkish National Defence University to them. He presented its structure (the three War Colleges, for the Army, Air Force and Navy; the Joint War College; and the different related institutes), and spoke about the curricula: the University offers full coverage of military sciences and staff training at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

21 Dec. 2017

SC 131 Regional Approaches and MD Field Study - Turkey/Ankara

On the final stage of its Field Study, SC 131 travelled from Jordan to Turkey. Briefings in Ankara afforded a perfect complement to the lecture of some weeks ago at the NDC, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

19 Dec. 2017

SC 131 Regional Approaches and MD Field Study - Jordan/Amman

On Monday 18 December, Senior Course 131 was welcomed to Jordan by His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Faisal Bin El-Hassan, brother of the King of Jordan. In the Joint Staff facilities of the Jordan Armed Forces, Prince Faisal addressed SC 131 and answered Course Members’ questions. Apart from ever-topical questions about the Israel-Palestine issue, other subjects discussed included the GCC and Iran, Syria, refugees, the role of NATO in the region, and even water and environmental issues. Most of the current problems in the Middle East were raised and discussed. In his answers, the Prince made many references to modern and ancient history to explain the different situations and relationships in the Middle East. It became very obvious to Course Members that not only military history, but also the history of language, religion and societies, is an essential key to understanding, discussing and proposing possible solutions to the different issues. Prince Faisal also spoke about the sense of identity, in relation to socioeconomic conditions, and underlined the importance of education. These two elements are key in the fight to eradicate the deep roots of terrorism. Jordan’s Armed Forces and their operational capabilities were also discussed, and mention was made of NATO’s Enhanced Opportunity Programme (EOP).

16 Dec. 2017

SC131 Regional Approaches and MD Field Study - Greece/Athens part 2

For its second day in Athens, SC131 was welcomed by the Commandant of the Hellenic National Defence College (HNDC), Vice Admiral Diakopoulos Alexandros, in the same impressive facilities as the day before. An academic panel was organized for SC131 to discuss “Greece’s security concerns and issues”. The two panelists were Prof Marilena Koppa from the Panteion University and Dr Georgios Filis from the American University of Greece.

15 Dec. 2017

SC131 Regional Approaches and MD Field Study - Greece/Athens

For its second visit, SC 131 landed in Greece to learn about Hellenic security policy. In Athens, Course Members met in the General Staff Facilities and were briefed by representatives of several ministries.

13 Dec. 2017

SC131 Regional Approaches and MD Field Study - Bulgaria/Sofia

For the first stop on its third and final field study, Senior Course 131 met the Bulgarian authorities in Sofia and received different briefings. On December 12, Course Members met in the facilities of the Bulgarian Military Academy. On that day, two NDCs met. The SC131 was warmly welcomed by Major General Grudi Ivanov Angelov, Commandant-Rector of the National Defence College (first NDC), who explained the role of his College in the Bulgarian Armed Forces. He also thanked the NATO Defense College (the second NDC) for the visit and for the high educational standards set by its courses in Rome.

07 Dec. 2017

New Research Division Publication -
Russian Forward Military Basing in Armenia and Moscow’s Influence in the South Caucasus

05 Dec. 2017

Ninth Edition of the Middle East Faculty Academic Advisory Board

On Tuesday 5 December 2017, the Academic Advisory Board (AAB) of the Middle East Faculty (MEF) met for its 9th annual meeting at the NDC.