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The Evolution of the Hybrid Threat, and Resilience as a Countermeasure

  • 06 Sep. 2017
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  • Last updated: 02 Oct. 2018 09:43

Research Paper 139

Dear Reader,

The latest Research Paper of the NATO Defense College won the NDC Commandant’s Award for the best Individual Paper of Senior Course 130. Written by a Colonel in the Germany Army, it argues that hybrid warfare is an attack against NATO’s strategy making. Its strategies are designed to undermine the statecraft of competing nations and the political resolve within security organizations. Since hybrid threats will likely become even more complex and, therefore, unpredictable, NATO and its member states should strengthen their efforts to enhance resilience. Resilience, in the author’s view, should become the guiding principle in NATO’s forthcoming strategic concept. What are the principles in strategy-making that help to enhance resilience? And what strengths and weaknesses does NATO have in strategy-making? The answer to these fundamental questions becomes of vital importance, in our increasingly complex security environment.

We hope you enjoy this paper on a timely topic.



Jeffrey A. Larsen, PhD, Director Research Division

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