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New Research Division Publication:
Russia’s hybrid warfare in the form of its energy manoeuvers against Europe: how the EU and NATO can respond together?

  • 06 Jun. 2018
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  • Last updated: 02 Oct. 2018 09:39

Research Paper 147

Dear Reader,

Today’s dynamic security environment reinforces the need for NATO and the EU to adapt to a variety of threats and to anticipate the strategic risks and vulnerabilities in different security areas. For example, Russia’s maneuvers in the energy domain in Europe generate a range of strategic, operational and tactical vulnerabilities that both the EU’s and NATO’s Member States and partners are facing. As an important non-military element in the hybrid warfare toolbox, energy is used by Russia as part of a strategy to divide the EU, NATO and its neighborhood.

What are Russia’s energy maneuvers in Europe and how can the EU and NATO combine their efforts to confront them?
This Research Paper analyses how Russia is using energy to try and undermine Europe’s unity, in particular in the Eastern Partnership region, and suggests possible ways through which the EU and NATO can coordinate their efforts to reduce their Member States’ reliance on Russian energy sources.

Dr. Ratsiborynska argues that the EU and NATO have a wide set of instruments that can enhance energy security resilience and contribute to the reduction of energy security risks in Europe. The cohesion of the EU and NATO instruments as well as a reinforcement of national and institutional strategic thinking on energy security matters are needed to bolster energy resilience between the EU, NATO, its Member States and partner nations.

We hope you enjoy this latest publication by the NDC Research Division.

Best regards,
Thierry Tardy, PhD
Director, Research Division

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