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New RD Publication: Vostok 2018: ten years of Russian strategic exercises and warfare preparation

  • 01 Mar. 2019
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  • Last updated: 05 Feb. 2019 10:10

NDC Policy Brief 3-19

"The visibility, scale and scope of Russian military exercises have been a focus of the Western media and specialist literature since 2014. Of most recent interest, Russia conducted Vostok 2018, the latest iteration of its annual strategic1 exercises, from early July to 17 September 2018. Vostok (meaning East) is part of a system of strategic exercises that the Russian Armed Forces have been developing since 2009. It is one of the four named annual strategic exercises conducted on a rotating basis among four of Russia’s five military districts. It should be noted that these visible events represent a small fraction of Russia’s nationwide whole-of-Government effort to develop the ability to conduct large-scale operations against a major military power, and to influence potential adversaries.".

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