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SC 127 Regional Approaches, PfP & ICI Field Study - Greece

  • 22 Dec. 2015
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  • Last updated: 28 Jan. 2016 17:44

The final destination of the Field Study was Athens, where Senior Course 127 was hosted on Thursday 17 December by Lieutenant General Georgios Paraschopoulos, the Deputy Chief of Defence.

Senior Course 127 in Athens

The morning session was mainly dedicated to a series of briefings by representatives of the Armed Forces, the Coastguard, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After these briefings, a lengthy question and answer session afforded Course Members a good opportunity to learn more about specific aspects of Greek defence and foreign affairs policy.

SC 127 could not have travelled to Athens without visiting the Acropolis and its dedicated museum. An afternoon visit was organized, with professional guides to explain to Course members and staff the historical origins of democracy and the history of the different buildings erected on this famous hill.

On the following day, the NDC delegation travelled back to the College. Through discussions with Course Members, it was clear that the visits to the different countries included in the FS itinerary had provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about their mentality and culture.

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