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New Research Division Publication - Turkish-Israeli Rapprochement with NATO

  • 30 Jun. 2016
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  • Last updated: 10 Oct. 2017 13:26

Research Report 06/2016

Dear Reader,

This Research Report addresses the relationship between Turkey and Israel, including the recent political challenges to what had once been a very close, and somewhat paradoxical, friendship between the two nations, and the slow resumption of normalized relations that has been occurring in recent years. It uses this case study as a backdrop to consider the relationship between both states and NATO. As the author puts it, "Overall, part of the Middle East appears to be putting its act together to deal with immediate threats in the region, and NATO nations will willingly support and benefit from such local solutions to local problems." The paper also considers the impact of this bilateral relationship to other major regional powers in the Middle East and North Africa.

We hope you enjoy this look at some of the key members and partners along NATO's Southern Flank, a region that has experienced increased attention in the past two years.



Jeffrey A. Larsen, PhD, Division Head Research

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