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20 Nov. 2019

NATO in Modern World Politics


20 Nov. 2019

The Ambassador of Poland to Italy visits the NDC

On Tuesday 19 November, H.E. Ms Anna Maria Anders, Ambassador of Poland to Italy, visited the NATO Defense College.

19 Nov. 2019

The NATO Defense College hosts the Defence Attachés’ Day

On Thursday 18 November 2019, the NATO Defense College welcomed a group of Defence Attachés appointed to foreign embassies in Italy. The aim of the Defence Attachés’ Day was to provide them with an overview of NDC activities, and to acquaint them with the academic programme of the Senior Course.

19 Nov. 2019

Senior Course 135 Field Study II – Italian Day

Headed by Dean Dr Stephen Mariano, Senior Course 135 and participating faculty members concluded the Course’s second Field Study at the Italian Joint Operational HQ.

18 Nov. 2019

Newly published articles by NDC fellows

NDC Research Division Fellows Wojciech Michnik and Vasile Rotaru have recently published articles that are relevant to NATO:

15 Nov. 2019

Generals, Flag Officers & Ambassadors’ Course 2019-2

During the week of 11-15 November, the NATO Defense College hosted the first part of the Generals, Flag Officers & Ambassadors’ Course (GFOAC 2019-2), with a further three days scheduled in Brussels from 18-20 November. The Course, entitled “NATO and the Euro-Atlantic Security Environment”, is being attended by a total of 47 senior military and civilian leaders, from 27 NATO nations and partner states.

13 Nov. 2019

Senior Course 135 Field Study II: Warsaw

On 12 November Senior Course 135 was welcomed to Warsaw by the Vice-Rector for Military Affairs at the War Studies University, Col Prof. Dariusz Majchrzak.

13 Nov. 2019

Senior Course 135 Field Study II: Switzerland

On Sunday 10 November Senior Course began their visit to Switzerland, with a first stop in the beautiful village of St Gallen for a briefing on security policy at canton level by COL Jörg Köhler, Director of the Office for Civil Protection and Military Affairs and Head of Crisis Management. He spoke about the challenges of the cantons, which are not only experiencing the impact of climate change (e.g., fire risk related to drought, difficult conditions for farmers, effects on fauna) but also faced with challenges such as cyber attacks, management of refugees, changing demographics and animal diseases.

12 Nov. 2019

New RD Publication: Calibrating the scope of NATO's mandate

12 Nov. 2019

Senior Course 135 Field Study II: Paris

Upon arrival in Paris on 6 November, Senior Course 135 was welcomed to the École militaire by the French Chief of Defence, General François Gérard Marie Lecointre.