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Researchers and Faculty Advisers

The Research Division is manned by a team of Researchers and Faculty Advisors that research on NATO-related issues.

  • Thierry Tardy BIO

    Thierry Tardy

    Research Division Director

    Areas of expertise:
    NATO policy, crisis management and projecting stability, NATO-EU, European security
  • Chloe Berger BIO

    Chloe Berger


    Areas of expertise:
    Levantine non state actors, Arab-Israeli conflict, partisan warfare
  • Andrea Gilli BIO

    Andrea Gilli


    Areas of expertise:
    Military technology, defense policy, military operations, industry and innovation
  • Marc Ozawa  BIO

    Marc Ozawa


    Areas of expertise:
    Russia and Eurasia, the High North, energy and security policy
  • Cynthia Salloum BIO

    Cynthia Salloum


    Areas of expertise:
    Foreign policy, political violence, radicalization and international security
  • Sylvain Curtenaz BIO

    Sylvain Curtenaz

    Faculty Adviser


The NATO Defense College offers a number of fellowships each year in the field of defence and security policy research related to NATO and its Partners.

  • Ion A. Iftimie BIO

    Ion A. Iftimie

    Eisenhower PhD Fellow

    Areas of expertise:
    Emerging technologies and cyber-related topics
  • Howard Coombs BIO

    Howard Coombs

    Mobilising Insights in Defense and Security Program (MINDS) Fellow

    Areas of expertise:
    Professional Military Education, Military Operations and Training.
  • Dumitru Minzarari  BIO

    Dumitru Minzarari

    Partnership for Peace Fellow

    Areas of expertise:
    International security, modern warfare, AI and military strategy, Russian foreign and security policies
  • Boshko Stankovski BIO

    Boshko Stankovski

    Partnership for Peace Fellow

    Areas of expertise:
    Peace agreements and peacemaking, civil-military relations, self-determination and secession
Fellows work on a NATO-relevant topic throughout their fellowship at the NDC.
Their papers are then published in one of the NDC Series.

Non-Resident Associate Fellows

The NDC is proud to announce the creation of a new category of researchers affiliated to the NDC Research Division: the Non-Resident Associate Fellows (NRAFs).
NRAFs support the College through their expertise on areas that are relevant to the NDC and NATO's broader agenda.
The first Non-Resident Associate Fellows are Dr Thomas G. Mahnken from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, Dr Andrew Monaghan from the University of Oxford and Professor Sten Rynning from the University of Southern Denmark.