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  • Thierry Tardy BIO

    Thierry Tardy
    Research Division Director

    Areas of expertise:
    NATO policy, crisis management and projecting stability, NATO-EU, European security
  • Chloe Berger BIO

    Chloe Berger

    Areas of expertise:
    Levantine non state actors, Arab-Israeli conflict, Partisan warfare
  • Andrea Gilli BIO

    Andrea Gilli

    Areas of expertise:
    Military technology, defense policy, military operations, industry and innovation
  • Marc Ozawa  BIO

    Marc Ozawa

    Areas of expertise:
    Russia and Eurasia, the High North, Energy and Security Policy
  • Katarina Djokic  BIO

    Katarina Djokic
    PfP Fellow

  • Tina J. Park BIO

    Tina J. Park
    Temporary Visiting Scholar

  • Eyal Rubinson BIO

    Eyal Rubinson
    MED Fellow