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There are 23 Forum Papers available.

Enduring NATO, Rising Brazil - Managing International Security in a Recalibrating Global Order
Carlos BRANCO; Rob DE WIJK; Erico DUARTE; Robert HELBIG; Kai Michael KENKEL; Joachim KRAUSE; Alexander MOENS; Carlo PATTI; José Francisco PAVIA; Jimmy PETERSEN; Antonio Jorge RAMALHO; Bruno C. REIS; Brooke SMITH-WINDSOR; Oliver STUENKEL; Alexander MATTELAER;
Forum Paper n 23 - February 2015
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Edited by Brooke A. Smith-Windsor

AU-NATO Collaboration: Implications and Prospects
Adesoji ADENIYI; Bola A. AKINTERINWA; Sally Khalifa ISAAC; James Marcus BRIDGER; Christopher COKER; Christopher L. DANIELS; Solomon Ayele DERSSO; Kumbirai HODZI; Christian KABATI; Markus KAIM; Mehari Taddele MARU; Kay MATHEWS; Alexander MOENS; J. Shola OMOTOLA; José Francisco PAVIA; Jimmy PETERSON; Kai SCHAEFER; Brooke SMITH-WINDSOR;
Forum Paper n 22 - February 2013
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Edited by Brooke A. Smith-Windsor

Smart Defense: A Critical Appraisal
Forum Paper n 21 - March 2012
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The Transatlantic Bargain
Robert E. HUNTER; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Mark D. DUCASSE; Lawrence S. KAPLAN; Diego A. RUIZ PALMER; Karl KAISER; John IKENBERRY; Wallace J. THIES; Michael RÜHLE; Sean KAY; Stanley R. SLOAN; de Wijk ROB; L. Barry CHARLES;
Forum Paper n 20 - February 2012
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Edited by Mark D. Ducasse

Planning Ahead for a Peacekeeping Mission on the Golan Heights: a Role for NATO?
Forum Paper n 19 - October 2011
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Edited by Pierre Razoux.

Towards a Comprehensive Approach: Strategic and Operational Challenges
J. Edward FOX; Florence GAUB; David E. JOHNSON; Andrew MONAGHAN; Christopher M. SCHNAUBELT; Jan TECHAU; Rick WADDELL;
Forum Paper n 18 - May 2011
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Edited by Christopher M. Schnaubelt

The UN and NATO: Forward from the Joint Declaration
L’ONU et l’OTAN : les suites de la Déclaration commune
Forum Paper n 17 - May 2011
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Edited by Brooke A. Smith-Windsor

NATO and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Security: Prospects for Burden Sharing
Sally Khalifa ISAAC
Forum Paper n 16 - April 2011
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Towards a Comprehensive Approach: Integrating Civilian and Military Concepts of Strategy
Allen BURCH; Bradford R. HIGGINS; Christopher A. JENNINGS; Kirk A. JOHNSON; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Nadia SCHADLOW; Christopher M. SCHNAUBELT;
Forum Paper n 15 - April 2011
Downloaded 3303 times.
Edited by Christopher M. Schnaubelt

Complex Operations: NATO at war and on the margins of war
Edited by Christopher M. Schnaubelt
Forum Paper n 14 - July 2010
Downloaded 2839 times.

The Indivisibility of Security: Russia and Euro-Atlantic Security
Edited by Andrew Monaghan
Forum Paper n 13 - January 2010
Downloaded 899 times.

The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Russia
Silvana MALLE
Forum Paper n 12 - December 2009
Downloaded 504 times.

Counterinsurgency: the challenge for NATO strategy and operations
Edited by Christopher M. Schnaubelt
Forum Paper n 11 - November 2009
Downloaded 2942 times.

Towards a new Strategic Concept for NATO
Forum Paper n 10 - September 2009
Downloaded 1730 times.

Operationalizing a comprehensive approach in semi-permissive environments
Edited by Christopher M. SCHNAUBELT
Forum Paper n 9 - June 2009
Downloaded 1625 times.

NATO and 21st Century Deterrence
Edited by Karl-Heinz KAMP and David S. YOST
Forum Paper n 8 - May 2009
Downloaded 661 times since June 09.

Security prospects in the High North: geostrategic thaw or freeze?
Karl-Heinz KAMP; Brooke SMITH-WINDSOR; Sven G. HOLTSMARK; Clive ARCHER; Samantha L. ARNOLDS; Alyson J.K. BAILES; Alf Håkon HOEL; Frédéric LASSERRE; Kristine OFFERDAL; Stéphane ROUSSEL; Katarzyna ZYSK;
Forum Paper n 7 - May 2009
Downloaded 695 times since June 09.

State-building and rule of law: lessons from Afghanistan?
Forum Paper n 6 - March 2009
Downloaded 447 times since June 09.

Can NATO enhance energy cooperation in the Caspian region?
Forum Paper n 5 - December 2008
Downloaded 280 times since June 09.

The Strategic Interest of the Maghreb States
Belkacem IRATNI
Forum Paper n 4 - November 2008
Downloaded 347 times since June 09.

NATO and International Organizations
David S. YOST
Forum Paper n 3 - September 2007
Downloaded 691 times since June 09.

Improving NATO-NGO Relations in Crisis Response Operations
Comment améliorer les relations entre l’OTAN et les ONG dans les opérations de réponse aux crises?
Forum Paper n 2 - March 2007
Downloaded 492 times since June 09.

Renewing NATO’s Partnerships: Towards a Coherent and Efficient Framework
Forum Paper n 1 - June 2006
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