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  • Last updated: 25 Jul. 2023 11:43

Who's Who

The Commandant

The Commandant ensures that NDC fulfills its mission to contribute to the effectiveness and cohesion of the Alliance by developing its role as a major centre of education, study and research on transatlantic issues. The Commandant is responsible to the Military Committee, but his responsibilities and powers authorize him to communicate with NATO agencies, NATO members’ national authorities, academic institutions, such as the PfP Consortium, and individuals as appropriate. The Commandant may also liaise with non-NATO national bodies for the purpose of programs approved by the North Atlantic Council, such as the Mediterranean Dialogue.



The Dean is responsible for the quality of the academic program, oversight of the curriculum and advice on academic policies. In this role he oversees the Academic Planning and Policy Division, the Academic Operations Division, the Research Division and the Middle East Faculty. He assists the Commandant on a variety of issues and initiatives and represents the Commandant during his absences. The Dean cultivates and maintains close relationships with Allied Command Transformation and NATO HQ to insure that guidance on academic, policy and strategic issues will be coordinated and reflected in curriculum planning and development.


The Director of Enablement

The Director of Enablement (DoE) is the principal advisor to the Commandant on enablement issues. He is responsible for general operations, maintenance and coordination with the Host Nation regarding College facilities. The spectrum of activity of the DoE is comprised of general management, personnel, administration, information technology, security, logistics and support issues. He may act on behalf of the Commandant within this sphere of activity upon the direction of the Commandant or during his absence.


The Head of the Academic Operations Division

The Head of the Academic Operations Division (DAO) is responsible to the Dean and Commandant for the delivery of the Senior Course, the NATO Regional Cooperation Course, the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors' Course and the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors' Course for Partners (former SERC), the Modular Short Courses and the Modular Short Course for Partners (former IPOC). The DAO has direct responsibility for the NATO Courses Branch, the Partner Courses Branch and Courses Support Branch (inclusive of the Field Study and Members Administration Sections).


Director Academic Plans, Policy & Engagement

Director Academic Plans, Policy & Engagement reports to (and, when necessary, deputizes for) the Dean. He directs and coordinates the activities of the Curriculum Planning Branch, the Academic Policy & Engagement Branch and the Academic Support Branch.
Supported by the Academic Plans, Policy & Engagement Division, he is responsible for the preparation of the long-term programme for all academic courses and activities, as well as for the development, evaluation and revision of the academic objectives and curricula for all courses, including the academic material, educational methods and Faculty training. Among these courses are the six-month Senior Course, several short Modular Short Courses and the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors’ Course.


The Head of the Research Division

The Research Division Head is responsible for the planning, organization and execution of the NDC’s research and outreach programme.
She develops the annual research plan, budget, and policies for the Research Division, oversees ongoing projects, and supervises and coordinates the activities of the Division personnel, including managing the various fellowship programmes.