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Modular Short Course Partner Integrated (MSC-PI)

  • 21 May. 2024
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  • Last updated: 21 May. 2024 00:00


The aim of the Modular Short Course - Partner Integrated (MSC-PI) is to improve participants’ knowledge of the NATO Alliance; its missions, roles, and priorities; its internal structures and organization; and its external relations with partner nations and international institutions. The course examines the way in which each of these elements is evolving to reflect changes in the international security environment.


Participants follow the same programme and lectures as the NDC Senior Course and the NATO Regional Cooperation Course. The MSC-PI therefore constitutes a joint NATO, Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and Global Partners activity, which makes an important contribution to these partnership programmes.

Participation: All PfP, Mediterranean Dialogue and ICI countries and Global Partners are invited to participate.

Additional detailed information related to the current MSC-PI course can be found in the
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