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Modular Short Courses (MSCs)

  • 15 May. 2024
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  • Last updated: 15 May. 2024 00:00

About the Modular Short Courses (MSCs)

The Modular Short Courses (MSCs) offer military officers and civilian officials the opportunity to engage with NATO-related study periods without committing to the full duration of the Senior Course (SC) or NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC). With a modularized structure, MSCs are designed to accommodate participants who may not be able to attend the NATO Defense College (NDC) for the 22 weeks duration of the SC or the 12 weeks duration of the NRCC.

Committee at work


The aim of the MSCs is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of NATO's historical and current role in the security environment. The curriculum focuses on analyzing the new systemic global order in which NATO operates, including current threats, vulnerabilities, and challenges.

What the MSCs do

MSCs achieve their aim through:

  • Delivering lectures and discussions on NATO's historical and current role in security.
  • Analyzing the global security environment and the challenges faced by NATO.
  • Providing insights into current threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Offering a platform for participants to engage with NATO-related topics and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Who can attend

MSCs are available to applicants from NATO Entities such as NATO HQ, Allied Command Operations (ACO), and Allied Command Transformation (ACT), as well as NATO Nations, through their respective Ministry of Defense. Selected participants will be given access to the restricted access environment where information related to the MSCs can be found. Further details about each MSC, as well as the application process, are sent out to reach the appropriate authorities in good time in advance of each course.