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22 Jun. 2021

Senior Executive Regional Conference (SERC-10) – “NATO 2030 - The Southern Dimension”

The Senior Executive Regional Conference (SERC-10) was held at the NATO Defense College from Monday 14 to Friday 18 June 2021. The SERC-10 aims to promote mutual understanding among Allies and their partners on issues related to the stability of the South. The Conference also allows the selected SERC senior participants from NATO and Partner countries to become familiar with current and prospective issues facing NATO.

21 Jun. 2021

Field Study 3 – EU Day

On Friday 18th of June, this day of Field Study 3 focused on the European Union (EU), in which various subject matter experts and lecturers from the EU provided Course Members with a broad overview of EU practices, as well as the main features that define relations between the EU and NATO.

21 Jun. 2021

SC 138 – Field Study 3, Belgium and the UN

As Field study 3 advanced into Day 4, Course Members of SC 138 were provided a wide overview of the Belgium’s Defence Policy and its role within NATO, in addition to a summary of the United Nations’ international practices.

18 Jun. 2021

Briefing and Staff Ride Study of the Montecassino & Anzio Operations

On 14 June 2021, as part of Field Study 3, Senior Course 138 began a 3-day programme consisting of a Briefing Study Day in advance of the 2-day Staff Ride to Montecassino and Anzio.

17 Jun. 2021

Towards New Transatlantic Relations?

14 Jun. 2021

Regional Powers and Post-NATO Afghanistan

12 Jun. 2021

Day 5 of Field Study 3 – SHAPE Day

The fifth day of SC 138’s Field Study 3 was devoted to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), which hosted this week's last stop in this two-week virtual journey. Course Members were briefed on SHAPE’s strategic-level priorities and responsibilities within the NATO Command Structure.

11 Jun. 2021

Generals, Flag Officers & Ambassadors’ Course (GFOAC 2021-1)

During the week of 7-11 June, the NATO Defense College hosted the Generals, Flag Officers & Ambassadors’ Course (GFOAC 2021-1). The Course, entitled “NATO 2030, Future Challenges”, brought together a total of 51 senior military and civilian leaders from 23 different NATO nations and partner states. The aim of the GFOAC is to improve participants’ understanding of current politico-military issues within the Alliance, and to provide a critical overview of established and emerging priorities, as well as to foster discussion and professional interaction among participants.

11 Jun. 2021

Field Study 3 – ACT & JFC Norfolk Day

Day 3 of Field Study 3 was devoted to to Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and Joint Forces Command Norfolk (JFCNF), both in Norfolk, Virginia, where Course Members took part in a virtual tour. The session provided an outlook of ACT’s role in tailoring, shaping, modernizing and improving the Alliance by leading the warfare development of military structures, forces, capabilities and doctrines and the role of the recently commissioned command (July 2019) under Allied Command Operations JFC Norfolk.

10 Jun. 2021

Field Study 3 – NATO HQ & Canada Day

Senior Course 138’s second leg of Virtual Field Study 3 was to NATO HQ and Canada. Lecturers and panelists provided a strategic overview of current and future issues and challenges of the NATO HQ during the first set of lectures, followed by Canada’s role within NATO during the second half of the session.