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New Research Division Publication: "Keep Calm and Deter: NATO Nuclear Deterrence After the Warsaw Summit"

  • 12 Jun. 2017
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  • Last updated: 02 Oct. 2018 09:44

Conference Report 01/17

Dear Reader,

This conference report follows the annual Nuclear Deterrence conference held at the NATO Defense College in December 2016, organized by the NDC Research Division and co-sponsored by the Institute for Strategic Research in the French Ministry of Defense. Its findings reflect the discussions over two days by a group of 55 experts from 15 countries. The main topics covered included NATO nuclear strategy and deterrence following the Warsaw Summit; the need for a grand strategy for the Alliance; the requirement for broader education on these issues; Russian foreign and defense policy and nuclear strategy; and the current nuclear developments in East Asia and the Middle East.

Among the key findings are that NATO needs to continue strengthening its conventional and nuclear deterrent capabilities; increase its strategic education efforts; and try to develop a grand strategy. As Russia seems to be integrating nuclear weapons into its political and military strategies, NATO needs to maintain a credible, committed and transparent deterrent posture. Finally, the East Asian and Middle Eastern nuclear scenarios remain uncertain, as is any NATO response to a crisis in those regions.

We hope you find this conference report a valuable overview of some of the deterrence issues that NATO is currently dealing with.

Jeffrey A. Larsen, PhD, Division Head Research

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