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NDC - News- Towards New Transatlantic Relations?

Towards New Transatlantic Relations?

  • 17 Jun. 2021
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  • Last updated: 08 Jul. 2021 11:10

NDC Policy Brief 11-21

"The June NATO Summit has illustrated President Biden’s efforts to rekindle hope of renewal in the transatlantic relation and within NATO. In Europe, expectations of a “new beginning” in America’s foreign policy were high. After President Trump’s protectionist, mercantilist and transactional policy, “America is back”, yet with specific priorities, particular interests, and “competing imperatives”.1 Under President Biden, changes are afoot: from the climate change agenda; the World Health Organization funding; freezing of troops withdrawal from Europe... But all these are rather easy fixes. Beyond common values and shared history, long-standing but crucial questions are making a comeback: what are European expectations, and interests, vis-à-vis America in Europe, and in NATO? And what do the Americans expect from Europeans in this new bargain? What will the Biden Administration do to further deter Russian assertiveness, or engage in dialogue with Moscow? Will Washington still be the dominant leader in the Atlantic Alliance, one that is credible and persuasive enough to tame nascent disputes and quell open crises among its members? Of all these grand strategy options, what are Europe’s preferences, if any?"

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* (back) Senior Researcher at the NATO Defense College.

1 (back) E. Labott, “Biden’s goldilocks foreign policy: ‘America is back’ wrestles with the lingering imprint of ‘America First’”, Foreign Policy, 30 April 2021.

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