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NDC - News- Senior Course 139 ends Field Study 3 with a visit to Slovenia

Senior Course 139 ends Field Study 3 with a visit to Slovenia

  • 18 Dec. 2021
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  • Last updated: 21 Jan. 2022 17:06

On Monday 13 December, Senior Course 139 ended its Field Studies with a final stop in Ljubljiana, Slovenia.

Senior Course 139 receiving briefings in the Parliament.

Upon arrival, and after a guided walking tour of the city center, NDC Director of Management Brigadier General Riccardo Brizi had the opportunity to thank on behalf of NDC Commandant, the Commander of Slovenia’s Military Education Center, Brigadier General Zakrajsek, who conveyed his country’s pleasure in hosting the NDC delegation. The two exchanged plaques in as sign of appreciation.

The morning began with a guided tour of Slovenia’s National Assembly, during which the NDC delegation gained an in depth understanding of the country’s origins and its and history.

The first briefing sessions were delivered by Ms Monika Gregorcic, head of Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Mr Andrej Cernigoj, Deputy Head of Parliamentary Committee on Defence inside the main hall of the National Assembly. The representatives explained the daily work of Slovenia’s Foreign Policy Committee, and its work concerning treaties, laws, acts and international agreements.

After a lively Q&A, the NDC group headed towards the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of Slovenian Armed Forces, where Brigadier General Anze Rode welcomed everyone on behalf of Slovenia’s CHOD.

Mr Davorin Jerman, head of NATO branch within the Slovenian Ministry of Defence, gave a description of the country’s Defence Policy and national priorities and challenges for the in implementing national defence policy. He also addressed the group with his perspective on the NATO 2030 process and the upcoming Strategic Concept, in parallel with the EU’s 2022 Strategic Compass. He defined national security strategy in several aspects. Priorities are to maintain a strategic partnership with the EU; keep Western Balkan countries engaged; combine military assets with other instruments of power; and continue the dual track approach with Russia. Ms Paulina Gorenc, Defence Policy Directorate focused on Slovenia’s perspective on the EU.

Mr Peter Grk, Secretary General of the Bled Strategic Forum (BSF), and national coordinator for Western Balkans discussed the political and military situation in the region, providing an exhaustive overview of Slovenia’s relations with the countries in the Western Balkans, and the security and economic challenges for the future.

The daily activities ended with a final briefing from Navy Captain Peter Papler, former Faculty Advisor at the NDC until 2019 and currently Head of Slovenia’s General Staff Military Policy and Strategic Planning Division. He explained the evolution and current situation of the Slovenian Armed Forces in the context of international and national security. The NDC delegation was given a detailed and candid briefing on the current challenges and structural conditions of Slovenian Armed Forces to fulfil requirements in the framework of their close engagement in exercises and international crisis operations.

NDC Public Affairs Office
(Prepared by Ms Ilaria Latorre, ITA C)

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