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NDC - News- Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors’ Course (GFOAC) 2022-1: “NATO and the Road to the Madrid”

Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors’ Course (GFOAC) 2022-1: “NATO and the Road to the Madrid”

  • 10 May. 2022
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The Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors’ Course (GFOAC) took place from 2 to 6 May 2022 at the NATO Defense College (NDC). This high-level course aims to enhance the understanding of current political-military issues affecting the Alliance, to foster discussion, and to promote networking amongst the participants.

Participants to the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors’ Course (GFOAC) 2022-1

The GFOAC 2022-1 gathered 46 representatives from 25 nations, including Generals, Ambassadors, high level civilians from the Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs and security. Course Members are from NATO, the Mediterranean Dialogue, the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and other selected partners across the globe.

On the first day, participants were welcomed by the NDC Commandant, Lieutenant General Rittimann, and were given an introductory on the history, mission and activities of the NDC, delivered by the Head of the Academic Operations Division (DAO), Brigadier General Ferenc Molnár.

Day 1 of GFOAC 2022-1 focused on the Transatlantic Link, given by Professor Sten Rynning (DNK) and Dr. John Deni (USA). The second lecture was presented by General Philippe Lavigne (FRA), Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), on NATO and the Euro-Atlantic Security Environment.

Day 2 began with a lecture on “Russian Foreign and Domestic Policy”, given by Professor Sergei Guriev (RUS) and Mr. Keir Giles (GBR). The next lecture, delivered by Ms Meia Nouwens (NLD) and Dr. Ashley Tellis (USA), focused on “The Security Implications of the Rise of China”.

Day 3 started with a lecture on “The Middle East”, presented by Dr Pierre Razoux (FRA). The next panel, on “North Africa and the Sahel”, was delivered by Dr Jean-Hervé Jezequel (FRA), Dr Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou (USA) and NDC Senior Researcher, Dr. Chloé Berger (FRA).

Day 4 opened with a lecture on “The Future of NATO”, given by Professor Julian Lindley-French (GBR). The subsequent theme was “Innovation: Risks and Opportunities”, presented by Dr Bryan Wells (GBR/NATO STO) and Dr Eric Pouliquen (FRA/NATO).

The last day concluded with a panel on “NATO in 2030. Future challenges as seen from inside NATO”, presented by Ambassador H.E. Baiba Braze (LVA), NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy. All lectures were followed by a plenary discussion.

The GFOAC 2022-1 Course concluded with Senior Mentor Ambassador Tacan Ildem’s summary and remarks, and closing remarks given by the NDC Commandant, LGEN Rittimann.

NDC Public Affairs Office
(Prepared by Ms Sofia Carvalheiro, PRT C)

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