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NDC - News- SC140 Field Study in Washington, DC: 10 May 2022

SC140 Field Study in Washington, DC: 10 May 2022

  • 12 May. 2022
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  • Last updated: 12 May. 2022 16:39

The second important visit in Washington, DC was at the Capitol Hill House Liaison Office, of the US Department of State.

Senior Course 140 at the US Capitol

On 10 May 2022, the session began with remarks by Mr. John Daly, Liaison of the Marines Office of Legislative Affairs, who provided insights on congressional activities, along with a description of his duties to ensure a link between the United States Marine Corps and Congress, one based on understanding and transparency.

Mr. Daly is a graduate of two NDC Modular Short Courses.

Following two years of pandemic-imposed virtual visits during Field Studies, Mr Daly was particularly pleased to extend a welcome to the Course Members in person.

He reviewed his duties as liaison officer with Congress, talked about budgeted military expenditures.

Following a Q&A session, a Course Member from Committee 1 made closing remarks and offered the briefer a token of appreciation on behalf of the NDC.

SC 140 then heard from distinguished speaker, Congressman Gerald Connelly, President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and member of the US Congress. Congressman Connelly is the Chair of several important congressional Committees and Subcommittees, and leads the US delegation to the Assembly.

Congressman Connelly touched upon many topics: increasing dialogue between Congress, NATO, and NATO partner countries; the Russian invasion of Ukraine; and US assistance to Ukraine in the form of weapons and humanitarian assistance, including 3.7 billion USD since the start of the crisis.

Congressman Connelly spoke of how the Ukrainian Armed Forces and people succeeded in taking the Russian president by surprise, forcing him to change initial plans.

Congressman Connelly highlighted the imperative to update NATO’s Strategic Concept, which he defined as the second most important document of the Alliance, in addressing current challenges and threats.

Congressman Connelly provided highly detailed and thorough answers to Course Members’ questions during the Q&A.

At the end of the presentations, NDC Dean, Dr. Christopher M. Schnaubelt made closing remarks to end the academic portion of the day.

Washington, DC was a highlight in this Field Study and educational journey of Senior Course 140. The visits to the US Defense Department in the Pentagon, the US Department of State on Capitol Hill, and of course, the famed hospitality of the US Marine Corps, shall be fondly remembered by all.

NDC Public Affairs Office

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