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NDC - News- Senior Course 140: First edition of the Africa Seminar at NDC

Senior Course 140: First edition of the Africa Seminar at NDC

  • 20 May. 2022
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  • Last updated: 20 May. 2022 09:21

On 18 and 19 of May 2022, Senior Course 140 attended the first edition of the Africa Seminar at the NATO Defense College (NDC). The Seminar brought a panel of experts together to talk about North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Day 1 panel of experts and NDC Faculty Advisor

The first day of this new Seminar was dedicated to North Africa and included a special focus on Libya. The Seminar opened with introductory remarks by NDC Faculty Advisor Ms Nancy Vellone, who then gave the floor to the guest lecturers of the day. The panel of lecturers included Professor Fawaz Gerges, from the London School of Economics and Political Science, who gave an overview of the region from a cultural, governance and security standpoint; Dr Luis Martinez, from Science Po University in Paris, who shared insights on the region from the economic, social and religious perspectives; and Dr Claudia Gazzini, from the International Crisis Group, who gave a presentation focused on Libya. The lectures provided a comprehensive analysis of the North Africa region, addressing the main political, security and socio-economic issues affecting the area, together with some of the key challenges it currently faces, such as migration and forced displacement, global warming, water and food insecurity, as well as radicalization and terrorism. Prospects for stability in the region were also analysed.

The second day of the Seminar was dedicated to Sub-Saharan Africa. The lectures were delivered by a new panel of experts composed of Dr Mehari Taddele Maru, from the European University Institute, who gave a presentation on the “State of Governance, Peace and Security in Africa”; Dr Luca Raineri, from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa, who delivered “An Overview of Africa: economy, society and security”; and Dr Jean-Hervé Jézéquel, from the International Crisis Group, who talked about “The Crisis in Central Sahel”.

Overall, Day 2 presentations provided a strategic overview of the current major governance, development and security issues in the region, along with the current and potential future role of major external actors. Key challenges and prospects for stability in the region were also addressed.

On both days, the presentations were followed by a Q&A session and, during the afternoon, brainstorming sessions were held with Course Members in different groups, in order to delve further into the topics covered in the morning’s lectures.

NDC Public Affairs Office
(Prepared by Ms Sofia Carvalheiro, PRT C)

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