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NDC - News- 52nd NDC Academic Advisory Board (AAB) 2022

52nd NDC Academic Advisory Board (AAB) 2022

  • 25 Nov. 2022
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  • Last updated: 25 Nov. 2022 14:47

The Academic Advisory Board of the NATO Defense College (NDC) convened its 52nd annual meeting at NDC in Rome on 24 and 25 November 2022.

52nd Academic Advisory Board Meeting

The AAB was conducted in hybrid mode, in full compliance with COVID-19 requirements to ensure a safe and secure environment. This annual and highly important event serves to review matters related to NDC academic programs and curricula; to advise the Commandant on ways to proceed with academic, research and outreach activities at the College; and to submit recommendations to the Military Committee (MC) for improving and enhancing College operations and activities.

This year, the AAB was chaired by the Chair of the Military Committee (CMC) Admiral Rob Bauer and attended by senior representatives from NATO HQ, ACT and ACO, along with a group of external members representing military, academic, scientific and diplomatic institutions, such as: Admiral Rob Bauer, Ambassador Baiba Braže, Vice Admiral Guy Robinson, Major General Davide Re, Major General Francesco Diella, Mr Holger Osterrieder, Dr Bernard Finel, Professor Andrea Prencipe, Dr Jamie M. Johnson, Dr Pierre Razoux.

Lieutenant General Olivier Rittimann, Commandant of the NATO Defense College, led the delegation from the NATO Defense College accompanied by Heads of Divisions and other senior figures of the NDC. The Commandant officially opened the first session with welcome remarks and then gave the floor to the CMC who highlighted that “the AAB plays a fundamental role in support of the NDC’s commitments, especially in advising the Commandant on ways to improve the College’s activities as well as providing direction and guidance for its engagements and its research work plan”.

The two days of meetings, plenary discussions, and consolidation led to the Board’s recommendations for 2023. The proposal focusses on a continual adjustment of the curriculum to new challenges. As remarked by Admiral Bauer, “the new security environment requires the NDC’s curriculum to be flexible and to reflect a whole-of-government, and even a whole-of-society approach. Just like for the Alliance, we need to make sure that the College remains fit-for-purpose and responsive to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges”.

NDC Public Affairs Office
(Prepared by Ms Benedetta Cavagliá, ITA C)

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