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NDC - News-The NATO Defense College conducts Modular Short Course Partner Integrated 143-1 on “The Global Security Environment”

The NATO Defense College conducts Modular Short Course Partner Integrated 143-1 on “The Global Security Environment”

  • 20 Oct. 2023
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  • Last updated: 21 Jan. 2024 12:55

From October 16 to 20 2023, the NATO Defense College (NDC) ran the Modular Short Course Partner Integrated 143-1 (MSCPI 143-1). This Course, which is embedded into the Senior Course 143's academic Study Period B, focused on "The Global Security Environment and Drivers of Change." It brought together military officers from various NATO Partner countries, with the aim of delving into the ever-evolving landscape within which NATO operates, and exploring how the Alliance is adapting to maintain its relevance and effectiveness in the years to come.

Course Member from Modular Short Course Partner Integrated 143-1 joining Senior Course 143 in Committee Discussion

MSCPI 143-1 convened a diverse group of 15 participants from NATO Partner countries. They were engaged for five days in a programme designed to enhance their understanding of the complex challenges facing the Alliance. The NDC Commandant, Lieutenant General Max A.L.T. Nielsen, warmly welcomed the participants, as they were embarking on their daily Committee work, ably guided by their Faculty Advisers.

The first day of MSCPI 143-1 featured a lecture entitled "Global Economic Trends: Implications for Security and Stability." Dr Paola Subacchi and Mr Patrick Cirillo expertly delivered this lecture in the NDC's Main Auditorium, providing insightful perspectives on the intersection of economics and global security. Following the lecture, an interactive Q&A session offered participants the opportunity to delve deeper into the topics presented.

Day 2 was a continuation of Committee discussions, as participants diligently prepared for the day's lecture. The topic of the day was "Energy Security," an increasingly critical issue in the changing global landscape. Professor Theresa Sabonis-Helf and Dr Gonzalo Escribano shared their expertise on this subject, emphasizing the relevance of energy security to NATO's future endeavors. Similar to previous days, a Q&A session and a Committee consolidatory discussion followed the lecture, fostering engaging and informative dialogues.

The following day began with more committee preparatory discussions, leading up to a lecture on "Non-State Actors." Professor Jan Aart Scholte and Mr Xavier Godefroid provided valuable insights into the role and influence of non-state actors in global affairs.

Day 4 was dedicated to a lecture on "Human Security," a topic of growing importance in the modern security landscape. Professor Shen Xiaomeng and Ms Samantha Turner shared their expertise on this multifaceted subject. The participants engaged in Committee preparation and consolidation work before and after the lecture.

The final day of MSCPI 143-1 ended with a lecture on "The Role of Religion in the International Security Environment," presented by Professor Erin Wilson. Similar to the other days, participants engaged in discussions regarding the lecture's objectives, thereby deepening their understanding of the topic before and after the lecture.

The Modular Short Course Partner Integrated 143-1 (MSCPI 143-1) is an initiative of crucial importance to bolster participants' comprehension of the NATO Alliance. By delving into the workings of NATO, including its missions, responsibilities, internal structures, and external collaborations with partner nations, this programme equips participants with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the ever-evolving terrain of global security. Lieutenant Colonel Sally Graham, the Logistic Liaison Officer to NATO Military Representative in Brussels from the Australian Army, highlighted how the MSCPI programme enriches a professional portfolio, emphasizing that it provides a diverse range of perspectives. She noted, "This programme allows participants to gain insights into NATO's viewpoint on global events and to understand the perspectives of Partner Nations involved in initiatives like the Mediterranean Dialogue, Partnership for Peace, and Partners Across the Globe." Additionally, she pointed out that the Course facilitates the development of relationships among countries, thus enhancing the sharing of diverse viewpoints. This emphasis on diverse perspectives and international collaboration is at the heart of what makes the MSCPI 143-1 so valuable for participants like Lieutenant Colonel Graham.

NDC Public Affairs Office
(Prepared by Mr David Lucio Rossi, ITA C)