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NDC - News- How to Strengthen Senior Leadership Education in NATO

How to Strengthen Senior Leadership Education in NATO

  • 08 Nov. 2023
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  • Last updated: 08 Nov. 2023 16:43

The visit of U.S. National Defense University (NDU) President, Lieutenant General Michael Plehn, to the NATO Defense College (NDC) on 7 November 2023 was an opportunity to discuss ways to deepen cooperation between the NDU and the NDC. The conversations centered on the NATO Defense College's academic programmes, curricula, its value to the Alliance and how Senior Leadership Education can become even better in the future.

NDC Commandant Lieutenant General Max A.L.T. Nielsen (right) discussing with the President of the U.S. National Defense University (NDU) Lieutenant General Michael Plehn

The discussion defocused on topics of mutual concern, along with the benefits that both institutions can offer to each other, promoting cooperation in research and learning methods.

The information exchange was on how NDC academic curriculum and timely research analyses empower Course Members with a relevant and comprehensive education and to prepare for NATO relevant positions either national or within NATO. Upon conclusion of the visit, President Plehn visited the Main Auditorium, where Course Members attend expert-led lectures. He also toured the library which offers an extensive collection of books, research publications, and various resources, supporting in-depth study of the subjects covered in the lectures.

President Plehn expressed his admiration for the College's mission and demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing collaboration between the NDU and the NDC. He also commended the College’s proactive approach to fostering engagement with individuals from both NATO member states and partner nations.

The NDU and the NDC will be jointly hosting the next NATO Conference of Commandants, which will take place in May 2024. This event, which has been a tradition since 1972, convenes Commandants from national senior defence institutions from NATO and partner countries. The primary aim is to facilitate the exchange of valuable insights and ideas in the area of higher defense education. Notably, it plays a crucial role in improving academic programmes, refining educational methods, and fostering mutual understanding among participants. Additionally, the event serves as a platform for identifying opportunities for defence colleges to collaborate and offer mutual support.

NDC Public Affairs Office
(Prepared by Mr David Lucio Rossi, ITA C)