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NDC - News-Strategic Foresight and Policymaking: Insights from The Indo-Pacific Seminar at the NATO Defense College

Strategic Foresight and Policymaking: Insights from The Indo-Pacific Seminar at the NATO Defense College

  • 04 Dec. 2023
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  • Last updated: 21 Jan. 2024 12:55

The Indo-Pacific Seminar, held at the NATO Defense College from November 29 to December 1, offered a valuable opportunity to gain a strategic overview of key political, economic, and security-related issues in the region. The Seminar equips Course Members with crucial analyses of geopolitical tendencies; an in-depth look at the Chinese strategic agenda; and discussions on emerging security risks and their implications for NATO.

Senior Course 143 in the Auditorium attending the Indo-Pacific Seminar

Preceding the main event, Senior Course 143 engaged in a one-day lecture on Strategic Foresight led by Professor Lisa Bronson. The focus of this lecture was the significance of scenario planning for policymaking, with a particular emphasis on the 2x2 Matrix Technique—an effective visual tool comprising a 2×2 matrix with opposing characteristics on each end. This technique facilitates decision-making by fostering common understandings or agreements on a specific subject.

During the three-day Seminar, participants delved into a comprehensive analysis of the main sources of current and future instability in the region. Guest lecturers provided invaluable insights into major security-related strategic issues facing the Indo-Pacific, with a focus on China. The discussions extended to possible strategies and scenarios facing the Alliance. The Seminar organized 8 Working Groups, each tasked with envisioning unexpected events and applying critical analytical thinking to reach consensus. Course Members presented short assessments of the assigned topics, drawing from the expertise of distinguished lecturers such as Dr James Boutilier (CAN), BGEN (Ret.) David Stilwell (USA), Ms Meia Nouwens (NLD), Dr Ashley Tellis (USA), and Ms Shihoko Goto (JPN). The exercise was organized and moderated by NDC Faculty Advisor, Counsellor Atala B. Tuna (TUR).

The Indo-Pacific Seminar is a pivotal platform for fostering a deeper understanding of the regional strategic landscape. By encouraging dialogue and collaborative thinking among Course Members, it offered a perspective on the challenges facing the region, and their implications for individual and collective futures, including NATO.

NDC Public Affairs Office
(Prepared by Mr David Lucio Rossi, ITA C)