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NDC - News-A Journey into Contemporary Security Strategies: a deep dive into unveiling Belgium's Defense Dynamics

A Journey into Contemporary Security Strategies: a deep dive into unveiling Belgium's Defense Dynamics

  • 18 Mar. 2024
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  • Last updated: 18 Mar. 2024 14:19

On March 15, 2024, Course Members (CMs) of Senior Course 144 (SC 144) delved into Belgium's defence policies and global security dynamics. Hosted at the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, CMs engaged in illuminating discussions with top military officials and diplomats, gaining valuable insights into the nation's strategic missions, organizational capabilities, and its role within NATO. From navigating complex geopolitical issues to nurturing strategic alliances, they uncovered Belgium's approach to modern security, and maintaining international peace and stability.

A Course Member during Q&A session

The NATO Defense College delegation had the honour of receiving welcome remarks from Vice-Chief of Defence (VCHOD), Lieutenant General Frederik Vansina, an Ancien of NDC Senior Course 121 and graduate of the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors’ Course 2019-2. He provided valuable insights into Belgium's contributions to global security and the country’s approach to addressing strategic challenges. Topics of discussion ranged from the conflict in Ukraine to geopolitical dynamics, migration within the EU, environmental concerns, EU-US relations, Africa, and more. He also underscored the importance of industrial cooperation to streamline expenses in defence initiatives.

Major General Bernard Phaleg, Head of the Strategy Department, delivered a comprehensive presentation on Belgian Defence Policy, emphasizing the nation's historical and cultural foundations, political-military frameworks, strategic missions, organizational capabilities, engagements with stakeholders. The presentation highlighted Belgium's commitment to its own to national security strategies while remaining a loyal and credible partner on the international stage.

Ambassador Ariadne Petridis, Permanent Representative of Belgium at NATO, shed light on Belgium's position within the Alliance in the face of 21st century challenges. Highlighting the evolving nature of conflicts and threats, Ambassador Petridis underscored the importance of unity, deterrence, defence adaptation, and cooperation within NATO. She stressed the significance of investments in innovation, cyber defence, and strategic communication in countering emerging threats and ensuring collective security.

The session concluded with a dynamic question and answer session, enabling CMs to directly engage with the speakers, further enriching their understanding of contemporary NATO dynamics.

The visit to the Royal Military Academy of Belgium provided CMs with invaluable insights into the complexities of modern security and defence strategies, and reaffirmed the importance of international cooperation and collaboration in addressing global challenges.

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