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22 Apr. 2021

NATO 2030 – The Military Dimension

21 Apr. 2021

US National Defense University/NATO Defense College Panel on “European Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations”

On 20 April 2021, the NDC has partnered with the US National Defense University for a Workshop on “European Perspectives on Transatlantic relations”.

16 Apr. 2021

MSC 138-3 and IPOC

The Modular Short Course (MSC) and the Integrated Partner Orientation Course (IPOC) took place remotely from 12 to 16 April, in connection with Study Period D of Senior Course 138. The Courses, focusing on ‘NATO Present & Future’, are designed to analyse the current and future role, nature, and complexity of key international organizations, including their policies and activities, and how these relate to NATO and the changing global and regional security environment. The issues presented to MSC 138-3 and IPOC aim to facilitate a greater understanding of these organizations and their dynamics.

12 Apr. 2021

NRCC 25 – Crisis Management Exercise (CMX)

The Crisis Management Exercise (CMX) was conducted on 6, 7 and 8 April 2021 as part of the NRCC 25 Course. The CMX is three-day simulation exercise. Its objective is for Course Members to familiarize themselves with NATO Crisis Management Process and NATO’s comprehensive approach to crisis management.

02 Apr. 2021

NRCC 25 - NATO Strategic Direction South, The Hub

On 31 March, Course Members of NRCC 25 took a virtual and in-depth tour of the NATO Strategic Direction South (NSD-S) Hub. In this one-day workshop, NSD-S representatives explained the Hub’s mission and role: to connect Allies and partners with international, non-governmental and civil organizations through open dialogue towards universal understanding, trust and stability.

31 Mar. 2021

NATO strategy: integrating defense and collaborative security

30 Mar. 2021

SC 138 and NRCC 25 - International Negotiations & Multilateral Simulation Exercise (MSX)

On 29 and 30 March 2021, SC 138 and NRCC 25 merged to embark on one of the NATO Defense College’s hallmark activities: The International Negotiations & Multilateral Simulation Exercise (MSX).

29 Mar. 2021

The global dimensions of NATO’s future posture

27 Mar. 2021

SC 138 Innovation Week – Day 4

The last day of the second edition of Innovation Week was devoted to lectures on the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) and Robotics. The session offered insights into examples of technology that could impact NATO’s ability to deter and defend the Alliance.

26 Mar. 2021

SC 138 Innovation Week – Day 3

Day 3 of Innovation Week shifted to national and independent entities, focusing on the Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to learn from their approach to innovation.