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13 Dec. 2023

Small But Strategic: Defence Through the Lens of a Frontline Ally

Bratislava, Slovakia, was the second stop of the third Field Study of the academic programme of Senior Course 143. The visit took place at the Slovak Ministry of Defence where the NATO Defense College (NDC) Commandant, Lieutenant General Max A.L.T. Nielsen, and Senior Course 143 were welcomed by the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, Lieutenant General Ľubomír Svoboda, and Ms Jana Kotorova, Director of International Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

11 Dec. 2023

Inside Denmark's Defence: A Nordic Ally's Viewpoint

The flagship course of the NATO Defense College, Senior Course 143, travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark, as the first stop of the third Field Study of their curriculum, to learn from leading practitioners about the Danish defence and security strategies and how they respond to the complex global security landscape.

04 Dec. 2023

Strategic Foresight and Policymaking: Insights from The Indo-Pacific Seminar at the NATO Defense College

The Indo-Pacific Seminar, held at the NATO Defense College from November 29 to December 1, offered a valuable opportunity to gain a strategic overview of key political, economic, and security-related issues in the region. The Seminar equips Course Members with crucial analyses of geopolitical tendencies; an in-depth look at the Chinese strategic agenda; and discussions on emerging security risks and their implications for NATO.

01 Dec. 2023

Fifty shades of red: where does Russia draw the line?

29 Nov. 2023

Address by the President of the Czech Republic at the NATO Defense College

The President of the Czech Republic, H.E. Mr Petr Pavel, addressed Senior Course 143 of the NATO Defense College and Ambassadors from NATO and selected partner countries, on 28 November 2023.

27 Nov. 2023

NATO Crisis Response Process: Practicing Negotiation, Mediation, and Decision-Making Techniques (NDMX)

The Negotiation, Mediation, and Decision-Making Exercise (NMDX) was conducted last week at the NATO Defense College, from November 20 to 24, and provided Senior Course 143 an opportunity to implement a portion of the overall NATO Crisis Management Process. The five-day exercise is designed to assist Course Members in enhancing their comprehension of techniques for negotiation, multinational consensus- building, and mediation.

24 Nov. 2023

Ambassador of Türkiye at the NDC: Strengthening Cooperation with a Key Ally

The Ambassador of Türkiye to Italy, H.E. Mr Ömer Gücük, visited the NATO Defense College (NDC) on 23 November 2023 to gain a better understanding of the College and discuss further steps in the cooperation between the NDC and Türkiye.

22 Nov. 2023

German Ambassador explores NATO Defense College role in fostering Alliance unity

On 21 November 2023, the Ambassador of Germany to Italy, H.E. Dr Hans-Dieter Lucas, visited the NATO Defense College, actively engaging in discussions to learn more about the activities of the College and how they contribute to its guiding mission of promoting the effectiveness and cohesion of the Alliance.

17 Nov. 2023

Key Insights and Current Dynamics in the Middle East: Focus on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Middle East Seminar took place at the NATO Defense College on 15 and 16 November, and was an opportunity to reflect on the current geopolitical events in the Middle East. The two-day seminar, tailored to participants of Senior Course 143 (SC 143), aimed to provide a strategic overview of major political-military and security issues affecting the region. The first day lent a special focus on Iran and the Arab Gulf States.

13 Nov. 2023

Key Leaders from NATO and Partner Countries Analyse Global Security Challenges and the Future of the Alliance

From 6 to 10 November 2023, one- to three-star generals and flag officers, ambassadors and diplomats from NATO countries, the Partnership for Peace, the Mediterranean Dialogue, the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and Partners Across the Globe assembled at the NATO Defense College to analyse and discuss the main challenges affecting the global security panorama and how NATO is adapting to them.