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09 Jun. 2021

Field Study 3 – US Day

Senior Course 138’s Field Study 3, which took place virtually at the NATO Defense College (NDC), landed in the United States for a two-day tour. SC 138 Course Members were afforded the opportunity to understand US National Security and US Governance at the strategic level. Throughout, each session included how this important Alliance member integrates with NATO. The NDC US Senior National Representative Colonel Lance Varney (US Army) coordinated and moderated the two-day event.

04 Jun. 2021

North Africa and the Sahel in Transition: What Consequences for NATO?”, Seminar co-organized by the NDC Research Division and the FMES, with the support of RUSI – 4 June 2021

On June 4, 2021, the NDC and the Fondation Méditerranéenne d’Etudes Stratégiques (FMES) hosted a seminar on current transformations in the North African and Sahelian region.

31 May. 2021

SC 138 – Negotiations, Mediation and Decision-Making (NDMX) Exercise

From 24 to 28 May 2021, Senior Course 138 undertook the NMDX exercise, a significant highlight of the academic program to experience first-hand the NATO Crisis Management Process.

26 May. 2021

Principles of Nuclear Deterrence and Strategy

21 May. 2021

SC 138 – Middle East Seminar

The Middle East (ME) Seminar is a two-day seminar intended to provide a strategic overview of the major political-military and security-related issues in the region. The seminar focusses on the geo-strategic relevance of the Middle East, its impact on global security, and the role of major external actors.

20 May. 2021

Virtual International Week in Kyiv “NATO 360”

From 18 - 20 May 2021, the NATO Defense College (NDC) and the National Defence University of Ukraine (named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi, NDUU) jointly held the International Week in Kyiv in virtual mode.

17 May. 2021

A Changing Middle-East and the implications for NATO – A RUSI webinar in partnership with the NDC Research Division

On May 13, 2021, the British Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) hosted a webinar, co-organized with the NDC Research Division, on the ‘Changing Middle-East and the implications for NATO’.

14 May. 2021

A letter from the Dean

Hello Friends, Allies, Partners, Anciens, Alumni, and future NATO Defense College (NDC) Course Members!

14 May. 2021

Senior Course 138 visits Pratica di Mare Air base

Senior Course 138, together with NDC Staff, Faculty and leadership headed by the Commandant, LGEN Olivier Rittimann, were welcomed by MGEN Mauro Lunardi, Commander of the Air Base at Pratica di Mare for the visit to the Space and Aeronautics Experimental Air Division (Divisione Aerea di Sperimentazione Aeronautica e Spaziale – DASAS) of the Italian Air Force, the 14th Wing and the Joint Satellite Remote Sensing Centre.

13 May. 2021

NDC Policy Brief No.09/21 on 'Net assessment: "competition is for losers"' and NDC Policy Brief No.10/21 on 'NATO, strategy and net assessment'