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06 Oct. 2022

Senior Course 141 travels to London during Field Study 1

London was the fourth capital to be visited as part of Field Study One for Senior Course 141. On 3 October 2022, Course Members visited the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom and attended various briefings by representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

05 Oct. 2022

NDC co-sponsors a Wilton Park Conference on the Future War and Deterrence

From 3 to 5 October 2022, the NDC Research Division co-sponsored a Wilton Park conference organized by the Alphen Group on “The Future War and Deterrence.”

05 Oct. 2022

Field Study in Morocco for NRCC 28

On 29 and 30 September 2022, NATO Regional Cooperation Course 28 visited the Kingdom of Morocco, its last stop on the Field Study itinerary.

05 Oct. 2022

France in NATO - An evolving Gaullian agenda

03 Oct. 2022

Destination Berlin: Senior Course 141 Continues Field Study One

From 29 to 30 September 2022, Senior Course 141 visited Berlin, the third capital of Field Study One that focusses on European Security Perspectives. Course Members attended briefings from several representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Bundestag.

01 Oct. 2022

An ethical response to an unethical adversary

30 Sep. 2022

Senior Course 141 Visits Budapest During Field Study One

From 27 to 28 September 2022, Senior Course 141 visited Budapest as part of its Field Study 1. During the two-day trip to Hungary’s capital, Course Members were privy to several briefings about the country’s policies and positions on defence, security and foreign policy. Hungary has been a NATO member since 1999.

28 Sep. 2022

Day 2 of NRCC 28 Field Study to Brussels

NATO Headquarters was the second stop for NATO Regional Cooperation Course 28 Field Study in Brussels, on 27 September 2022.

27 Sep. 2022

NRCC-28 Field Study to Brussels

The NATO Regional Cooperation Course 28 officially began its Field Study on 26 September. NDC delegation’s first stop was at the European Union Commission (EUCOM) and the European Union Military Staff (EUMS), where Ms. Nicole Peil, EU Representative, extended a warm welcome.

27 Sep. 2022

What can Finland and Sweden learn from the Baltic states’ defence specialization?