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12 May. 2021

President of the Republic of Latvia H.E. Mr Egils Levits gives Lecture of Opportunity: “The Lessons of History and NATO 2030”

On Wednesday 12 May, the President of Latvia, His Excellency Egils Levits, addressed the NATO Defense College and delivered a Lecture of Opportunity entitled “The Lessons of History and NATO 2030” for the Course Members of SC 138.

10 May. 2021

Research Division Lecture of Opportunity on developments in Ukraine-Russia relations

The Research Division recently hosted a Lecture of Opportunity on developments in Ukraine-Russia relations.

08 May. 2021

SC 138 Field Study 2 – The Republic of North Macedonia. Visit of the Minister of Defence

The last day of Field Study 2 was devoted to the Republic of North Macedonia. A delegation headed by the Republic of North Macedonia’s Defence Minister H.E. Radmila Sherekinska Jankovsksa briefed Senior Course 138 on the nation’s defence and international practices.

07 May. 2021

SC 138 Field Study 2 – Romania Day

On day three of Field Study 2, Senior Course 138 made the virtual trip to Romania. Course Members received excellent insights into the nation’s defence, regional security perspectives and foreign policy priorities from high-ranking officials and defence experts.

06 May. 2021

SC 138 Field Study 2 – Bulgaria Day

SC 138’s Field Study 2 moved to Bulgaria on the second day of this two-week virtual journey. The session focused on Bulgaria’s Foreign and Defence Policy, as well as providing Course Members with an overview of the nation’s Armed Forces and their responsibilities abroad.

05 May. 2021

SC 138 Field Study 2 – Albania Day

Day 1 of Virtual Field Study 2 took the members of Senior Course 138 to Albania where they met with senior representatives from the Albanian Armed Forces who provided an excellent overview on Albania’s Armed Forces, defense policy and NATO-Albania relations.

30 Apr. 2021

New NDC Publication: Vox Collegii Magazine Volume XXII

Vox Collegii Magazine Volume XXII; the Voice of the College Past and Present.

29 Apr. 2021

SC 138 – Russia Seminar

From 27-28 April 2021, SC 138 took part in “The Russia Seminar”, a two-day event devoted to an overall appreciation and discussion on Russia’s geopolitical situation and interests, seen from both Russian and Western perspectives.

28 Apr. 2021

Jihadi radicalization: between the local and the global

27 Apr. 2021

MSC 138-4 & NATO ICI

From 19 – 23 April, the NATO Defense College held a Modular Short Course (MSC) under the NATO - Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) in conjunction with Senior Course 138.