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27 Sep. 2022

What can Finland and Sweden learn from the Baltic states’ defence specialization?

26 Sep. 2022

Field Study 1 for SC 141 begins with Italian Day

On 26 September 2022, the NATO Defense College (NDC) hosted the first day of Field Study 1 for Senior Course 141, devoted to Italy. Course Members were addressed by Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, Italian Chief of Defence, and they were briefed by several speakers from the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of the Interior.

16 Sep. 2022

Norwegian Organization of War Academy Trained Officers (AWATO) visits the NATO Defense College (NDC)

On the 15 of September 2022, the Norwegian Organization of War Academy Trained Officers (AWATO) visited the NATO Defense College (NDC). LGEN (Ret.) Arne Bård Dalhaug, former Commandant of the NDC, led the delegation. The aim of the visit was to gain an understanding of the NATO Defense College, its organization, mission, and activities.

14 Sep. 2022

NATO’s New Strategic Concept

12 Sep. 2022

Senior Course 141 & NRCC 28 Walls Walk

On Sunday 11 September 2022, Senior Course 141 & NRCC 28 took part in the walk around the walls of Rome.

06 Sep. 2022

Defining the “Special Military Operation”


by Roger N McDermott & Charles K. Bartles

Review of:

Viktor Litvinenko “Sushchnostʹ kategoriy «voyna» i «spetsialʹnaya voyennaya operatsiya»
[The essence of the categories “war” and “special military operation”]”, Armeisky Sbornik, July 2022.
Vladimir Kvachkov, Otkrytoye pis’mo polkovnika V.V. Kvachkova ofitseram Generalʹnogo shtaba i Komandovaniya spetsialʹnykh operatsiy [An open letter from V. V. Kvachkov to the General Staff Officers and Command of the Special Operation], 28 March 2022.


30 Aug. 2022

Inauguration Ceremony of Senior Course 141 and NATO Regional Cooperation Course 28

On 30 August 2022, the NATO Defense College (NDC) celebrated the inauguration of Senior Course 141 and NATO Regional Cooperation Course 28. Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the NATO Military Committee, delivered the Inaugural Address virtually.

29 Jul. 2022

The unrealized potential of cooperative security in the Arab Gulf

27 Jul. 2022

Russia’s military after Ukraine: down but not out

15 Jul. 2022

Senior Course 140 Graduation Ceremony

On Friday, 15 July 2022, Senior Course 140 formally completed their 22-week Course at the NATO Defense College (NDC) with a Graduation Ceremony. The Guest of Honour, Admiral Joachim Rühle, Chief of Staff of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, delivered the Graduation Address, followed by recognition of authors of the best Individual Papers, the awarding of the Eisenhower Prize, and the conferment of diplomas.