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In the fall of 2020, the NDC launched a series of Policy Briefs on the impact of the COVID crisis on various aspects of international security.

Eight Policy Briefs were published, which complemented the NDC Research Paper that was published in May 2020.

NDC Policy BriefRussian Grand Strategy and the COVID crisis
By Andrew MONAGHANNDC Policy Brief No. 22 - December 2020
NDC Policy BriefThe pandemic and the military: towards total defence?
By Antonio MISSIROLI; Michael RÜHLE; NDC Policy Brief No. 21 - November 2020
NDC Policy BriefChina in the COVID world: continued challenges for a rising power
By Bates GILLNDC Policy Brief No. 20 - November 2020
NDC Policy BriefThe interstate conflict potential of the information domain
By Dumitru MINZARARINDC Policy Brief No. 19 - November 2020
NDC Policy BriefCOVID-19 and the defence policies of European states
By Alice BILLON-GALLAND NDC Policy Brief No. 18 - October 2020
NDC Policy BriefCatalyst or crisis? COVID-19 and European Security
By Claudia MAJORNDC Policy Brief No. 17 - October 2020
NDC Policy BriefA renewed collective defense bargain? NATO in COVID’s shadow
By Sten RYNNINGNDC Policy Brief No. 16 - September 2020
NDC Policy BriefNATO and the COVID-19 emergency: actions and lessons
By LGEN Olivier RITTIMANNNDC Policy Brief No. 15 - September 2020
NDC Research PaperCOVID-19: NATO in the Age of Pandemics
By Chloé BERGER; Howard G. COOMBS; Andrea GILLI; Ion A. IFTIMIE; Dumitru MINZARARI; Marc OZAWA; Cynthia SALLOUM; Thierry TARDY; Introduction by Thierry Tardy, PhD, Director, Research Division
Edited by Thierry Tardy
NDC Research Paper No. 9 - May 2020