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Research at the NDC

NDC Research Division

Thank you for visiting the page of the NDC Research Division.

NATO and the international community face great challenges in the 21st century – globalization offers more freedom and prosperity, but also new threats to our security. The return of Russia to the East as a strategic adversary, and the rise of Daesh and instability to our South, as well as other challenges to European and North American security, mean that Research and political consulting are necessary to help policymakers and the public address these crucial issues. As a consequence, the NATO Defense College has upgraded in 2007 its former Academic Research Branch to a Research Division (RD) as one of the pillars of the activities of the NDC.

The RD's civil and military researchers come from a variety of disciplines and interests covering a broad spectrum of security-related issues. They publish widely in NDC papers as well as in internationally-reputed peer-reviewed journals, books and newspapers. They also contribute to the policy and academic debate on NATO-related security issues through their participation in international forums.

Occasionally, the RD invites external experts to write analyses on behalf of the NATO Defense College. A broad collection of publications are available from our web page in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. While the majority of the papers are produced in English, some of them are also available in French.

Furthermore, the RD organizes a number of conferences, workshops and international events either to support the research activities or in support of the NATO Defense College’s educational program.

The overarching goal of the RD is to provide NATO's senior leaders with sound and timely analyses and recommendations on current issues of particular concern for the Alliance. Furthermore the activities of the RD can help to convey NATO's positions to the wider audience of the international strategic community and will thereby contribute to strengthen the Transatlantic Link.

The Division also welcomes competitively selected research fellows from Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue, Partners Across the Globe countries and NATO (the NDC Eisenhower Fellows), as well as Visiting Scholars on topics of importance. These fellows conduct research on topics which are of ultimate interest for NATO's political and military decision-making bodies as well as for the international strategic community.

We hope you find our products regarding current security issues facing the Alliance, and NATO’s policy responses to those challenges, to be interesting, valuable, and enlightening. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future research and outreach opportunities.

Thierry Tardy (FRA), PhD
Director, Research Division

Rome, May 2018