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Strategic Concept

In the run-up to the June 2022 NATO Madrid Summit, the NDC Research Division has released a series of publications reflecting on various aspects of NATO’s new Strategic Concept.

NDC Policy BriefNATO's Strategic Concept from theory to practice: NATO Mission Iraq
By Robert DRESENNDC Policy Brief No. 06 - April 2023
NDC Research PaperNATO’s New Strategic Concept
By Patrick KELLER; Stanley R. SLOAN; Thierry TARDY; Bruno TERTRAIS; Mark WEBBER; Marcin ZABOROWSKI; edited by Thierry Tardy NDC Research Paper No. 25 - September 2022
NDC Research PaperStrategic Shifts and NATO’s new Strategic Concept
By Andrea GILLI; Mauro GILLI; Gorana GRGIĆ; Marina HENKE; Alexander LANOSZKA; Hugo MEIJER; Lucrezia SCAGLIOLI; Nina SILOVE; Luis SIMÓN; Max SMEETS; foreword by Benedetta Berti NDC Research Paper No. 24 - June 2022
NDC Policy BriefIs Russia a threat in emerging and disruptive technologies?
By Katarzyna ZYSKNDC Policy Brief No. 09 - May 2022
NDC Research PaperWar in Europe: preliminary lessons
By Pierre DE DREUZY; Andrea GILLI; Marc OZAWA; LGEN Olivier RITTIMANN; Cynthia SALLOUM; Thierry TARDY; edited by Thierry Tardy NDC Research Paper No. 23 - May 2022
NDC Policy BriefCool change ahead? NATO's Strategic Concept and the High North
By Elizabeth BUCHANANNDC Policy Brief No. 07 - April 2022
NDC Policy BriefThe “dos and don’ts” of strategy making
By Marina HENKENDC Policy Brief No. 06 - March 2022
NDC Policy BriefLessons from NATO's intervention in Afghanistan
By Benjamin ZYLA; Laura GRANT; NDC Policy Brief No. 05 - March 2022
NDC Policy BriefThe rise of China and NATO’s new Strategic Concept
By Markus KAIM; Angela STANZEL; NDC Policy Brief No. 04 - February 2022
NDC Policy BriefThe future of NATO
By Thierry TARDYNDC Policy Brief No. 20 - November 2021
NDC Policy BriefThe US in NATO: adapting the Alliance to new strategic priorities
By Alexandra DE HOOP SCHEFFER; Martin QUENCEZ; NDC Policy Brief No. 17 - October 2021
NDC Policy BriefPartners Across the Globe and NATO’s Strategic Concept
By Gorana GRGIĆNDC Policy Brief No. 16 - October 2021
NDC Policy BriefEuropean allies and the forthcoming NATO strategic concept
By Barbara KUNZNDC Policy Brief No. 15 - September 2021