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The War Series

The War Series: Focuses on possible trajectories of ongoing or possible future conflicts, including how and where actors fight.

OutlookThe new NATO Force Model: ready for launch?
By John R. DENIOutlook No. 04-24 - May 2024
OutlookFloat like a butterfly, sting like a bee - How Allies adapt to drones
By Brian R. MILETICHOutlook No. 03-24 - May 2024
OutlookNATO and a Taiwan contingency
By James LEEOutlook No. 02-24 - April 2024
OutlookWho controls the past controls the future - How Russia uses history for cognitive warfare
By Daniel SHULTZOutlook No. 04 - December 2023
OutlookFifty shades of red: where does Russia draw the line?
By Polina SINOVETSOutlook No. 03 - November 2023
OutlookGhost ship - Russia’s secret naval fleet
By Jack CRAWFORD; Nick LOXTON; Giangiuseppe PILI; Outlook No. 01 - October 2023