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There are currently four series published by the NDC Research Division:

The War Series: focuses on possible trajectories of ongoing or possible future conflicts, including how and where actors fight.

The Strategy Series: provides the platform for concepts, doctrines, strategies, or other frameworks that leaders and states use to make sense of how to deal with a larger goal or problem.

The Future Series: zeroes in on possible future developments that matter to NATO outside of specific wars and conflicts.

The Hindsight Series: looks at past futures and what we can learn from them to inform our own foresight analysis.

The War Series The Strategy Series The Future Series The Hindsight Series

InsightHow to write a strategy
By Christopher M. SCHNAUBELTInsight No. 3-2024 - June 2024Downloaded 1570 times.
OutlookThe new NATO Force Model: ready for launch?
By John R. DENIOutlook No. 04-24 - May 2024Downloaded 2311 times.
OutlookFloat like a butterfly, sting like a bee - How Allies adapt to drones
By Brian R. MILETICHOutlook No. 03-24 - May 2024Downloaded 2001 times.
OutlookNATO and a Taiwan contingency
By James LEEOutlook No. 02-24 - April 2024Downloaded 4002 times.
InsightNATO 2099 - The science fiction anthology
By Thomas W. BOYD; Bruce CINNAMON; K. Burak CODUR; Ioan-Andrei CURSARU; Frederik ELTING; Florence GAUB; Ádám GERENCSÉR; Jérémy GUEYE; Elliot JAMES; Marko KOMŠO; Stephen KOTOWYCH; Lukas LAHTINEN; Lorenzo LENA; Vitālijs RAKSTIŅŠ; Michael RÜHLE; Tiago TORRES DA SILVA; Insight No. 2-2024 - April 2024Downloaded 4708 times.Edited by Florence Gaub
InsightWhat if…? 12 Dragon King scenarios for 2028
By Giacomo ANDOLFATTO; Silvia COLOMBO; Pierre DE DREUZY; Florence GAUB; Andrea GILLI; Eya JRAD; James LEE; Shawn LEONARD; Andrew MONAGHAN; Sitara NOOR; Marc OZAWA; Torill SETTEMSDAL HANSEN; Mark WEBBER; Insight No. 1-2024 - March 2024Downloaded 6024 times.Edited by Florence Gaub
OutlookThe history of China’s future - Lessons from the CIA
By Dylan Levi KINGOutlook No. 01-24 - January 2024Downloaded 4300 times.
OutlookWho controls the past controls the future - How Russia uses history for cognitive warfare
By Daniel SHULTZOutlook No. 04 - December 2023Downloaded 5596 times.
OutlookFifty shades of red: where does Russia draw the line?
By Polina SINOVETSOutlook No. 03 - November 2023Downloaded 5956 times.
OutlookAnyplace, anywhere, anytime - NATO and multi-domain operations
By Christopher M. SCHNAUBELTOutlook No. 02 - October 2023Downloaded 6868 times.
OutlookGhost ship - Russia’s secret naval fleet
By Jack CRAWFORD; Nick LOXTON; Giangiuseppe PILI; Outlook No. 01 - October 2023Downloaded 8315 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO's Strategic Concept from theory to practice: NATO Mission Iraq
By Robert DRESENNDC Policy Brief No. 06 - April 2023Downloaded 10359 times.
NDC Policy BriefHuman security and energy transition in NATO’s South
By Eckart WOERTZNDC Policy Brief No. 05 - March 2023Downloaded 10204 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO and strategic competition: time for Allies to step up
By Mark WEBBERNDC Policy Brief No. 04 - March 2023Downloaded 10668 times.
Russian Studies"Heroes of the Information Front"?
By Natasha GROOMRussian Studies No. 01/2023 - March 2023Viewed 3742 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe Iran nuclear deal: consequences of moribund diplomacy
By Mark FITZPATRICKNDC Policy Brief No. 03 - February 2023Downloaded 11028 times.
NDC Research PaperWar changes everything: Russia after Ukraine
By Jānis BĒRZIŅŠ; Mark GALEOTTI; Tracey GERMAN; Marc OZAWA; Polina SINOVETS; NDC Research Paper No. 28 - February 2023Downloaded 11524 times.Edited by Marc Ozawa
NDC Policy BriefThe US and NATO at a nuclear crossroads
By Michael COHENNDC Policy Brief No. 02 - January 2023Downloaded 11163 times.
NDC Policy BriefUkraine, NATO and the Black Sea
By Iulian ROMANYSHYNNDC Policy Brief No. 01 - January 2023Downloaded 11365 times.
NDC Research PaperNuclear Strategy in the 21st Century: Continuity or Change?
By Oliver BARTON; Pierre DE DREUZY; Tom W. ETIENNE; Andrea GILLI; Cameron HUNTER; Cynthia ROBERTS; Benjamin SILVERSTEIN; J. Alexander THEW; Lydia WACHS; NDC Research Paper No. 27 - December 2022Downloaded 12208 times.Edited by: Andrea Gilli and Pierre de Dreuzy
NDC Policy BriefNATO Allies’ geopolitical diversity and the cohesion of the Alliance
By Thierry TARDYNDC Policy Brief No. 21 - December 2022Downloaded 11951 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe Cuban Missile Crisis, the Russia-Ukraine war and nuclear risks
By Jean-Yves HAINENDC Policy Brief No. 20 - December 2022Downloaded 11863 times.
NDC Policy BriefTowards a deeper NATO-Japan cooperation
By Marc OZAWANDC Policy Brief No. 19 - November 2022Downloaded 11820 times.
NDC Policy BriefFinland and Sweden in NATO: the potential of new security providers
By Hanna OJANENNDC Policy Brief No. 18 - November 2022Downloaded 11950 times.
NDC Policy BriefDrone warfare: an evolution in military affairs
By Andrea GILLINDC Policy Brief No. 17 - October 2022Downloaded 12944 times.
NDC Research PaperFrance in NATO - An evolving Gaullian agenda
By Christelle CALMELSNDC Research Paper No. 26 - October 2022Downloaded 12717 times.
NDC Policy BriefAn ethical response to an unethical adversary
By Ian ANTHONYNDC Policy Brief No. 16 - September 2022Downloaded 12650 times.
NDC Policy BriefWhat can Finland and Sweden learn from the Baltic states’ defence specialization?
By J. Andrés GANNONNDC Policy Brief No. 15 - September 2022Downloaded 12748 times.
NDC Research PaperNATO’s New Strategic Concept
By Patrick KELLER; Stanley R. SLOAN; Thierry TARDY; Bruno TERTRAIS; Mark WEBBER; Marcin ZABOROWSKI; edited by Thierry Tardy NDC Research Paper No. 25 - September 2022Downloaded 14933 times.
Russian StudiesDefining the “Special Military Operation”
By Roger MCDERMOTT; Charles K. BARTLES; Russian Studies No. 05 - September 2022Viewed 6012 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe unrealized potential of cooperative security in the Arab Gulf
By Silvia COLOMBONDC Policy Brief No. 14 - July 2022Downloaded 13465 times.
NDC Policy BriefRussia’s military after Ukraine: down but not out
By Lukasz KULESANDC Policy Brief No. 13 - July 2022Downloaded 13583 times.
NDC Policy BriefHow Russia fights
By Nicolò FASOLANDC Policy Brief No. 12 - June 2022Downloaded 13987 times.
NDC Policy BriefRethinking NATO engagement in the Western Balkans
By Ismet Fatih ČANČARNDC Policy Brief No. 11 - June 2022Downloaded 13933 times.
NDC Research PaperStrategic Shifts and NATO’s new Strategic Concept
By Andrea GILLI; Mauro GILLI; Gorana GRGIĆ; Marina HENKE; Alexander LANOSZKA; Hugo MEIJER; Lucrezia SCAGLIOLI; Nina SILOVE; Luis SIMÓN; Max SMEETS; foreword by Benedetta Berti NDC Research Paper No. 24 - June 2022Downloaded 14828 times.
NDC Policy BriefProtecting NATO’s security community
By Alexandra GHECIUNDC Policy Brief No. 10 - May 2022Downloaded 14108 times.
NDC Policy BriefIs Russia a threat in emerging and disruptive technologies?
By Katarzyna ZYSKNDC Policy Brief No. 09 - May 2022Downloaded 14292 times.
Russian StudiesThe Problems of the Applied Theory of War
By Nazrin MEHDIYEVARussian Studies No. 04 - May 2022Viewed 2895 times.
NDC Research PaperWar in Europe: preliminary lessons
By Pierre DE DREUZY; Andrea GILLI; Marc OZAWA; LGEN Olivier RITTIMANN; Cynthia SALLOUM; Thierry TARDY; edited by Thierry Tardy NDC Research Paper No. 23 - May 2022Downloaded 15160 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe war in Ukraine and the future of Russia-China relations
By Marcin KACZMARSKINDC Policy Brief No. 08 - April 2022Downloaded 14755 times.
NDC Policy BriefCool change ahead? NATO's Strategic Concept and the High North
By Elizabeth BUCHANANNDC Policy Brief No. 07 - April 2022Downloaded 15350 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe “dos and don’ts” of strategy making
By Marina HENKENDC Policy Brief No. 06 - March 2022Downloaded 15181 times.
Russian StudiesEscalation and Deescalation of Crises, Armed Conflicts, and Wars
By Clint REACH Russian Studies No. 03 - March 2022Viewed 4042 times.
NDC Policy BriefLessons from NATO's intervention in Afghanistan
By Benjamin ZYLA; Laura GRANT; NDC Policy Brief No. 05 - March 2022Downloaded 15166 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe rise of China and NATO’s new Strategic Concept
By Markus KAIM; Angela STANZEL; NDC Policy Brief No. 04 - February 2022Downloaded 15709 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda
By Julia RUSHCHENKONDC Policy Brief No. 03 - February 2022Downloaded 15300 times.
Russian StudiesRussian “Principles of Victory in Combat” and MCDP-1 Warfighting
By Clint REACH ; Anthony ATLER; Russian Studies No. 02 - February 2022Viewed 4141 times.
NDC Policy BriefRussia’s “total confrontation” on the Eastern flank
By Marc OZAWANDC Policy Brief No. 02 - January 2022Downloaded 15887 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO and human security
By Mary KALDORNDC Policy Brief No. 01 - January 2022Downloaded 15774 times.
Russian Studies“Burya na Kavkaze” [Storm in the Caucasus]
By Rob LEERussian Studies No. 01 - January 2022Viewed 3895 times.
NDC Policy BriefWhat role for NATO in the Sahel?
By Chloé BERGERNDC Policy Brief No. 22 - December 2021Downloaded 16261 times.
NDC Research PaperChallenges to NATO’s nuclear strategy
By Jessica COX; Rhys CRILLEY; Nicolò FASOLA; Andrea GILLI; Jenny OBERHOLTZER; Alexander SORG; edited by Andrea Gilli
Introduction by Andrea Gilli and Jessica Cox
NDC Research Paper No. 22 - December 2021Downloaded 16461 times.
NDC Policy BriefBiden’s nuclear posture review: what's in it for NATO?
By Andrea CHIAMPANNDC Policy Brief No. 21 - December 2021Downloaded 15922 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe future of NATO
By Thierry TARDYNDC Policy Brief No. 20 - November 2021Downloaded 16597 times.
NDC Research PaperNATO and the future of arms control
By William ALBERQUE; Andrea CHIAMPAN; Stephen R. COVINGTON; Liana FIX; Christopher FORD; Dominik P. JANKOWSKI; Anna PÉCZELI; edited by Dominik P. Jankowski
foreword by Mircea Geoană, NATO Deputy Secretary General
NDC Research Paper No. 21 - November 2021Downloaded 16346 times.
NDC Policy BriefNDC@70: more relevant than ever
By Stephen J. MARIANONDC Policy Brief No. 19 - November 2021Downloaded 16196 times.
NDC Policy BriefFuture warfare, future skills, future professional military education
By Andrea GILLINDC Policy Brief No. 18 - November 2021Downloaded 16453 times.
Russian StudiesRussian Thinking on the Role of AI in Future Warfare
By Anya FINKRussian Studies No. 05 - November 2021Viewed 3726 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe US in NATO: adapting the Alliance to new strategic priorities
By Alexandra DE HOOP SCHEFFER; Martin QUENCEZ; NDC Policy Brief No. 17 - October 2021Downloaded 16972 times.
NDC Policy BriefPartners Across the Globe and NATO’s Strategic Concept
By Gorana GRGIĆNDC Policy Brief No. 16 - October 2021Downloaded 16955 times.
NDC Policy BriefEuropean allies and the forthcoming NATO strategic concept
By Barbara KUNZNDC Policy Brief No. 15 - September 2021Downloaded 17180 times.
NDC Policy BriefWhat Russian-Israeli cooperation in Syria?
By Dima COURSENDC Policy Brief No. 14 - September 2021Downloaded 16984 times.
Russian StudiesLengthening the bridge: the role of current weapons and emerging technologies in expanding the pre-nuclear phase of conflict
By Dara MASSICOTRussian Studies No. 04 - July 2021Viewed 3916 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO 2030 and the out-of-area conundrum
By Gorana GRGIĆNDC Policy Brief No. 13 - July 2021Downloaded 17818 times.
Russian StudiesDefining Russian Military Science
By Charles K. BARTLESRussian Studies No. 03 - July 2021Viewed 3569 times.
Russian StudiesRussia’s updated National Security Strategy
By Julian COOPERRussian Studies No. 02 - July 2021Viewed 54623 times.
Russian Studies“Strategy of development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation and the provision of national security for the period to 2035”
By Nazrin MEHDIYEVARussian Studies No. 01 - June 2021Viewed 5511 times.
NDC Policy BriefAdapting NATO-Russia dialogue
By Marc OZAWANDC Policy Brief No. 12 - June 2021Downloaded 18080 times.
NDC Policy BriefTowards New Transatlantic Relations?
By Cynthia SALLOUMNDC Policy Brief No. 11 - June 2021Downloaded 17940 times.
NDC Research PaperRegional Powers and Post-NATO Afghanistan
By Aniseh BASSIRI TABRIZI; Thomas HEGGHAMMER; David G. LEWIS; Raffaello PANTUCCI; edited by David G. Lewis and Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi NDC Research Paper No. 20 - June 2021Downloaded 18543 times.
NDC Research PaperPrinciples of Nuclear Deterrence and Strategy
By Bruno TERTRAIS NDC Research Paper No. 19 - May 2021Downloaded 19653 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO, strategy and net assessment
By Niccolò PETRELLINDC Policy Brief No. 10 - May 2021Downloaded 18405 times.
NDC Policy BriefNet assessment: "competition is for losers"
By Andrea GILLINDC Policy Brief No. 09 - May 2021Downloaded 18452 times.
NDC Policy BriefJihadi radicalization: between the local and the global
By Olivier ROYNDC Policy Brief No. 08 - April 2021Downloaded 18267 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO 2030 – The Military Dimension
By Heinrich BRAUSS; Christian MÖLLING; NDC Policy Brief No. 07 - April 2021Downloaded 19112 times.
NDC Research PaperNATO strategy: integrating defense and collaborative security
By Schuyler FOERSTER; Jeffrey A LARSEN; NDC Research Paper No. 18 - March 2021Downloaded 19115 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe global dimensions of NATO’s future posture
By Michael CLARKENDC Policy Brief No. 06 - March 2021Downloaded 18850 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe strategic argument for a political NATO
By Heather A. CONLEYNDC Policy Brief No. 05 - March 2021Downloaded 18942 times.
NDC Policy BriefCentral European security: history and geography matter
By Marcin ZABOROWSKINDC Policy Brief No. 04 - February 2021Downloaded 18991 times.
NDC Research PaperNATO 2030: new technologies, new conflicts, new partnerships
By Andrea GILLI; Marc OZAWA; Thierry TARDY; Edited by Thierry Tardy NDC Research Paper No. 17 - February 2021Downloaded 20237 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO’s eastern flank: retooling the US-Baltic security link
By Andris BANKANDC Policy Brief No. 03 - February 2021Downloaded 19556 times.
NDC Research PaperRussia in NATO’s South: Expansionist Strategy or Defensive Posture?
By Vice-Admiral (ret.) Pascal AUSSEUR; Chloé BERGER; Barah MIKAIL; Marc OZAWA; Pierre RAZOUX; Cynthia SALLOUM; Robert SPRINGBORG; Amin TARZI; Major General (ret.) F. C. “Pink” WILLIAMS; Edited by Chloé Berger and Cynthia Salloum NDC Research Paper No. 16 - January 2021Downloaded 20007 times.
NDC Policy BriefOperation Althea and the virtues of the Berlin Plus Agreement
By LGEN Olivier RITTIMANNNDC Policy Brief No. 02 - January 2021Downloaded 19721 times.
NDC Policy BriefDeterrence by detection: using surveillance to pre-empt opportunistic aggression
By Thomas G. MAHNKEN; Grace B. KIM; NDC Policy Brief No. 01 - January 2021Downloaded 19831 times.
NDC Research Paper“NATO-Mation”: Strategies for Leading in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
By Andrea GILLI with Mauro Gilli, Ann-Sophie Leonard and Zoe Stanley-Lockman

Foreword by Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General André Lanata
NDC Research Paper No. 15 - December 2020Downloaded 20829 times.
NDC Policy Brief“NATO 2030. United for a new era”: a Digest
By Thierry TARDYNDC Policy Brief No. 23 - December 2020Downloaded 20816 times.
NDC Policy BriefRussian Grand Strategy and the COVID crisis
By Andrew MONAGHANNDC Policy Brief No. 22 - December 2020Downloaded 20062 times.
Russian Studies“Russian Views of Iran”
By Ray FINCHRussian Studies No. 04 - December 2020Viewed 2989 times.
NDC Research PaperLessons from the Enhanced Forward Presence, 2017-2020
By Heinrich BRAUSS; Nikolaus CARSTENS; Robert CLARK; Andrew FOXALL; Michael A. HUNZEKER; Martin HURT; Alexander LANOSZKA; Christian LEUPRECHT; Alexander MOENS; Alexandra RICHARDS; James ROGERS; Toms ROSTOKS; Margarita ŠEŠELGYTĖ; Kalev STOICESCU; Piotr SZYMAŃSKI; Edited by Alexander Lanoszka, Christian Leuprecht, and Alexander Moens NDC Research Paper No. 14 - November 2020Downloaded 22156 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe pandemic and the military: towards total defence?
By Antonio MISSIROLI; Michael RÜHLE; NDC Policy Brief No. 21 - November 2020Downloaded 20232 times.
NDC Research PaperRussia’s energy policy. Dependence, networks and special relationships
By Marc OZAWA; Ion A. IFTIMIE; NDC Research Paper No. 13 - November 2020Downloaded 20470 times.
NDC Policy BriefChina in the COVID world: continued challenges for a rising power
By Bates GILLNDC Policy Brief No. 20 - November 2020Downloaded 20231 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe interstate conflict potential of the information domain
By Dumitru MINZARARINDC Policy Brief No. 19 - November 2020Downloaded 20270 times.
NDC Policy BriefCOVID-19 and the defence policies of European states
By Alice BILLON-GALLAND NDC Policy Brief No. 18 - October 2020Downloaded 20426 times.
NDC Policy BriefCatalyst or crisis? COVID-19 and European Security
By Claudia MAJORNDC Policy Brief No. 17 - October 2020Downloaded 20357 times.
NDC Policy BriefA renewed collective defense bargain? NATO in COVID’s shadow
By Sten RYNNINGNDC Policy Brief No. 16 - September 2020Downloaded 20816 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO and the COVID-19 emergency: actions and lessons
By LGEN Olivier RITTIMANNNDC Policy Brief No. 15 - September 2020Downloaded 20999 times.
NDC Research PaperNATO’s Strategic Foundations: Values, Deterrence, and Arms Control
By Diego J. SÁNCHEZ CAAMAÑO; Nathalie DURHIN; Michel LIPSKI; Stephen J. MARIANO; Christos VASILEIADIS; Introduction by Dr Stephen J. Mariano NDC Research Paper No. 12 - September 2020Downloaded 21315 times.
NDC Research PaperRussia’s Emerging Global Ambitions
By Marcin KACZMARSKI; Wojciech MICHNIK; Andrew MONAGHAN; Marc OZAWA; Vasile ROTARU; Foreword by Marc Ozawa NDC Research Paper No. 11 - July 2020Downloaded 22761 times.
NDC Policy BriefRevitalizing NATO’s once robust standardization programme
By Paul BECKLEYNDC Policy Brief No. 14 - July 2020Downloaded 22192 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO and 5G: what strategic lessons?
By Andrea GILLINDC Policy Brief No. 13 - July 2020Downloaded 22747 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO’s strategic redirection to the South
By Stephen J. MARIANONDC Policy Brief No. 12 - June 2020Downloaded 22749 times.
NDC Research PaperRecalibrating NATO Nuclear Policy
By Jessica COX; Jacek DURKALEC; Andrea GILLI; Katarzyna KUBIAK; Carrie LEE; Harrison MENKE; Matteo TARABORELLI; Introduction by Jessica Cox
Edited by Andrea Gilli
NDC Research Paper No. 10 - June 2020Downloaded 23800 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO and CSDP: party and public positioning in Germany and France
By Konstantin GAVRAS; Thomas J. SCOTTO; Jason REIFLER; Stephanie HOFMANN; Catarina THOMSON; Matthias MADER; Harald SCHOEN; NDC Policy Brief No. 11 - June 2020Downloaded 23056 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO’s needed offensive cyber capabilities
By Ion A. IFTIMIENDC Policy Brief No. 10 - May 2020Downloaded 24021 times.
NDC Research PaperCOVID-19: NATO in the Age of Pandemics
By Chloé BERGER; Howard G. COOMBS; Andrea GILLI; Ion A. IFTIMIE; Dumitru MINZARARI; Marc OZAWA; Cynthia SALLOUM; Thierry TARDY; Introduction by Thierry Tardy, PhD, Director, Research Division
Edited by Thierry Tardy
NDC Research Paper No. 9 - May 2020Downloaded 24384 times.
NDC Policy BriefProjecting Stability to the South: NATO’s other challenge
Projeter la stabilité au Sud : l’autre défi de l’OTAN By Chloé BERGERNDC Policy Brief No. 09 - May 2020Downloaded 23707 times.
Russian Studies“The overhaul of Russian strategic planning for the Arctic Zone to 2035”
By Elizabeth BUCHANANRussian Studies No. 03 - May 2020Viewed 148310 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe NATO Pipeline System: a forgotten defence asset
By Dominik P. JANKOWSKINDC Policy Brief No. 08 - April 2020Downloaded 24193 times.
NDC Policy BriefTime for a NATO strategy on North Korea?
By Tina J. PARKNDC Policy Brief No. 07 - April 2020Downloaded 24152 times.
NDC Policy BriefScoping NATO's environmental security agenda
By Michael RÜHLENDC Policy Brief No. 06 - March 2020Downloaded 24555 times.
NDC Policy BriefNo time to hedge? Articulating a European pillar within the Alliance
By Jens RINGSMOSE; Mark WEBBER; NDC Policy Brief No. 05 - March 2020Downloaded 24768 times.
NDC Policy BriefTurkey’s military policy in Syria: implications for NATO
By Can KASAPOGLUNDC Policy Brief No. 04 - February 2020Downloaded 25453 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe case for NATO’s global partnership with India
By Abdurrahman Utku HACΙOĞLUNDC Policy Brief No. 03 - February 2020Downloaded 25227 times.
Russian Studies“Topographic maps: the scientific principles of their content” and “Military topography”
By Alexander J. KENTRussian Studies No. 02 - February 2020Viewed 5242 times.
NDC Research PaperNATO at 70: No Time to Retire
By Jan BROEKS; Matthew GILLIS; Rose GOTTEMOELLER; Camille GRAND; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Julian LINDLEY-FRENCH; Stephen J. MARIANO; Antonio MISSIROLI; Stuart PEACH ; Erica PEPE; Sven SAKKOV; Kori SCHAKE; Jens STOLTENBERG ; Thierry TARDY; Bruno TERTRAIS; Patrick TURNER; Tomáš VALÁŠEK; Foreword by Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General
Preface by Stuart Peach, Chairman of the Military Committee
Edited by Thierry Tardy
NDC Research Paper No. 8 - January 2020Downloaded 26278 times.
NDC Policy BriefIt’s that time of the decade again: some considerations for NATO’s eighth Strategic Concept
By Jeffrey H. MICHAELSNDC Policy Brief No. 02 - January 2020Downloaded 25789 times.
Russian StudiesRussian thoughts on hybrid war and colour revolutions
By Gudrun PERSSONRussian Studies No. 01 - January 2020Viewed 7431 times.
NDC Policy BriefAlliance capabilities at 70: achieving agility for an uncertain future
By Camille GRAND; Matthew GILLIS; NDC Policy Brief No. 01 - January 2020Downloaded 25953 times.
NDC Research PaperThe Alliance Five Years after Crimea: Implementing the Wales Summit Pledges
By Alexandra-Maria BOCSE; Jayson DEROW; Carlo DISMA; Katarina ĐJOKIĆ; Murray GUPTILL; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Christian LEUPRECHT; Stefan MARKOWSKI; Daniel M. MARZLUFF; Marc OZAWA; Clare ROBERTS; Michael RÜHLE; Sven SAKKOV; Greg SMITH; William Spenser TESSMANN; Edited by Marc Ozawa NDC Research Paper No. 7 - December 2019Downloaded 26772 times.
NDC Policy BriefImitation, innovation, disruption: challenges to NATO's superiority in military technology
By Andrea GILLI; Mauro GILLI; NDC Policy Brief No. 25 - December 2019Downloaded 26357 times.
NDC Research PaperThe Brain and the Processor: Unpacking the Challenges of Human-Machine Interaction
By Ajay AGRAWAL ; Aaron CELAYA ; Steven FINO ; Joshua GANS ; Andrea GILLI; Avi GOLDFARB ; Steven HILL; Richard KELLY; Nadia MARSAN; Massimo PELLEGRINO; Catherine WARNER; Nick YEUNG; Edited by Andrea Gilli NDC Research Paper No. 6 - December 2019Downloaded 26477 times.
Russian StudiesRussia’s strategy for the development of marine activities to 2030
By Richard CONNOLLYRussian Studies No. 07 - November 2019Viewed 5723 times.
Russian StudiesNATO in Modern World Politics
By Ray FINCHRussian Studies No. 06 - November 2019Viewed 5052 times.
NDC Policy BriefCalibrating the scope of NATO's mandate
By Thierry TARDYNDC Policy Brief No. 24 - November 2019Downloaded 26726 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO at 70: what defence policy and planning priorities?
By Patrick TURNERNDC Policy Brief No. 23 - October 2019Downloaded 26999 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe enhanced Forward Presence: innovating NATO’s deployment model for collective defence
By Christian LEUPRECHTNDC Policy Brief No. 22 - October 2019Downloaded 26852 times.
NDC Policy BriefWhat NATO contribution to the security architecture of the Indo-Pacific?
By Jean-Loup SAMAANNDC Policy Brief No. 21 - October 2019Downloaded 27004 times.
NDC Research PaperNATO and the EU - The essential partners
By Daniel FIOTT; Christian KAUNERT; Bruno LÉTÉ; Gustav LINDSTROM; Alexander MATTELAER; Hanna SMITH; Simon J. SMITH; Bart M.J. SZEWCZYK; Thierry TARDY; Ori WERTMAN; Katharine A. M. WRIGHT; Edited by Gustav Lindstrom and Thierry Tardy NDC Research Paper No. 5 - September 2019Downloaded 28075 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe role of democracy and human rights adherence in NATO enlargement decisions
By Eyal RUBINSONNDC Policy Brief No. 20 - September 2019Downloaded 26709 times.
NDC Policy BriefFrom hybrid warfare to “cybrid” campaigns: the new normal?
By Antonio MISSIROLINDC Policy Brief No. 19 - September 2019Downloaded 28530 times.
NDC Policy BriefFighting “Men in Jeans” in the grey zone between peace and war
By Peter BRAUNNDC Policy Brief No. 18 - August 2019Downloaded 28058 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO and EU training missions in Iraq – an opportunity to enhance cooperation
By Niels SCHAFRANEKNDC Policy Brief No. 17 - August 2019Downloaded 28454 times.
NDC Policy BriefRussia and China: “axis of convenience” or “stable strategic partnership”?
By Marc OZAWANDC Policy Brief No. 16 - July 2019Downloaded 28719 times.
NDC Research PaperRussia’s Military Posture in the Arctic - Managing Hard Power in a “Low Tension” Environment
By Mathieu BOULÈGUENDC Research Paper No. 4 - July 2019Downloaded 29046 times.
NDC Policy BriefDeterring hybrid threats: the need for a more rational debate
By Michael RÜHLENDC Policy Brief No. 15 - July 2019Downloaded 29903 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe necessary adaptation of NATO’s military instrument of power
By Jan BROEKSNDC Policy Brief No. 14 - June 2019Downloaded 28977 times.
NDC Research PaperA Strategic Odyssey: Constancy of Purpose and Strategy-Making in NATO, 1949-2019
By Diego A. RUIZ PALMERNDC Research Paper No. 3 - June 2019Downloaded 29973 times.
NDC Policy BriefWhy the Baltics matter. Defending NATO’s North-Eastern border
By Sven SAKKOVNDC Policy Brief No. 13 - June 2019Downloaded 30295 times.
Russian StudiesIn the Service of Russia
By Gudrun PERSSONRussian Studies No. 05 - June 2019Viewed 6172 times.
NDC Policy BriefWhat NATO’s counter-terrorism strategy?
By Kris QUANTENNDC Policy Brief No. 12 - May 2019Downloaded 29517 times.
NDC Policy BriefBuilding the airplane while flying: adapting NATO’s force structure in an era of uncertainty
By Sara Bjerg MOLLERNDC Policy Brief No. 11 - May 2019Downloaded 29598 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO at 70: enter the technological age
By Tomáš VALÁŠEKNDC Policy Brief No. 10 - April 2019Downloaded 29769 times.
NDC Policy Brief70 years of NATO: the strength of the past, looking into the future
By Kori SCHAKE; Erica PEPE; NDC Policy Brief No. 9 - April 2019Downloaded 30460 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO is doing fine, but the Atlantic Alliance is in trouble
By Bruno TERTRAISNDC Policy Brief No. 8 - April 2019Downloaded 30694 times.
NDC Policy Brief“NATO@70”: still adapting after all these years
By Julian LINDLEY-FRENCHNDC Policy Brief No. 7 - March 2019Downloaded 31328 times.
Russian StudiesGeneral Gerasimov on the Vectors of the Development of Military Strategy
By Dave JOHNSONRussian Studies No. 04 - March 2019Viewed 10557 times.
Russian StudiesDevelopment Strategy of State Corporation Rosatom to 2030
By Nazrin MEHDIYEVARussian Studies No. 03 - March 2019Viewed 6307 times.
NDC Research PaperNATO’s Futures: the Atlantic Alliance between Power and Purpose
By Sten RYNNINGNDC Research Paper No. 2 - March 2019Downloaded 31370 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO’s coming existential challenge
By Karl-Heinz KAMPNDC Policy Brief No. 6 - March 2019Downloaded 31099 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO at 70: modernising for the future
By Rose GOTTEMOELLER NATO Deputy Secretary General. NDC Policy Brief No. 5 - March 2019Downloaded 30868 times.
NDC Policy BriefPreparing for “NATO-mation”: the Atlantic Alliance toward the age of artificial intelligence
By Andrea GILLINDC Policy Brief No. 4 - February 2019Downloaded 31838 times.
NDC Policy BriefVostok 2018: ten years of Russian strategic exercises and warfare preparation
By Dave JOHNSONNDC Policy Brief No. 3 - February 2019Downloaded 31269 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO’s nuclear deterrence: more important, yet more contested
By Michael RÜHLENDC Policy Brief No. 2 - January 2019Downloaded 32469 times.
NDC Policy BriefEnergy security in the Baltic Region: between markets and politics
By Marc OZAWANDC Policy Brief No. 1 - January 2019Downloaded 31681 times.
Russian StudiesFundamentals of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of naval activities for the period until 2030
By Richard CONNOLLYRussian Studies No. 02 - January 2019Viewed 8560 times.
Russian StudiesWaiting for the Storm: South Caucasus
By Ray FINCHRussian Studies No. 01 - January 2019Viewed 6152 times.
NDC Policy BriefNATO-EU maritime cooperation: for what strategic effect?
By Stefano MARCUZZINDC Policy Brief No. 7 - December 2018Downloaded 32376 times.
NDC Research PaperProjecting Stability: Elixir or Snake Oil?
By Ian HOPE; Benedetta BERTI; Ruben-Erik DIAZ-PLAJA; Jeffrey A LARSEN; Kevin KOEHLER; Guillaume LASCONJARIAS; Jean-Loup SAMAAN; Edited by Ian Hope NDC Research Paper No. 1 - December 2018Downloaded 32957 times.
NDC Policy BriefWill artificial intelligence challenge NATO interoperability?
By Martin DUFOURNDC Policy Brief No. 6 - December 2018Downloaded 32996 times.
NDC Policy BriefEuropean defence: what impact for NATO?
By Thierry TARDYNDC Policy Brief No. 5 - December 2018Downloaded 33021 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe Great War legacy for NATO
By Ian HOPENDC Policy Brief No. 4 - November 2018Downloaded 32684 times.
Russian StudiesRussia’s Arctic Papers:
The evolution of Strategic Thinking on the High North

By Nazrin MEHDIYEVARussian Studies No. 04 - November 2018Viewed 9543 times.
NDC Policy BriefChallenges and potential for NATO-Egypt partnership
By Adel EL-ADAWYNDC Policy Brief No. 3 - November 2018Downloaded 33076 times.
Russian StudiesPreparation and Conduct of Military Actions in Local Wars and Armed Conflicts
By Charles K. BARTLESRussian Studies No. 03 - October 2018Downloaded 32788 times.
NDC Policy BriefProjecting stability in practice? NATO’s new training mission in Iraq
By Kevin KOEHLERNDC Policy Brief No. 2 - October 2018Downloaded 32891 times.
NDC Policy BriefThe internal nature of the Alliance’s cohesion
By Thierry TARDYNDC Policy Brief No. 1 - October 2018Downloaded 33156 times.
Research PaperRussia’s hybrid warfare in the form of its energy manoeuvers against Europe: how the EU and NATO can respond together?
By Vira RATSIBORYNSKAResearch Paper No. 147 - June 2018Downloaded 34598 times.
Research PaperModernized Deterrence and Revitalized Dialogue - Adapting the Harmel Report to post-2014 Europe
By Tobias AUSTResearch Paper No. 146 - May 2018Downloaded 33170 times.
Fellowship MonographTheatre operations, high commands and large-scale exercises in Soviet and Russian military practice: insights and implications
By Diego A. RUIZ PALMERFellowship Monograph No. 12 - May 2018Downloaded 34537 times.
Russian StudiesRussian Weapons in the Syrian Conflict
By Douglas BARRIE; Howard GETHIN; Russian Studies No. 02 - May 2018Downloaded 33729 times.
Russian StudiesThe Russian State Armament Programme, 2018 – 2027
By Julian COOPERRussian Studies No. 01 - May 2018Downloaded 34943 times.
Forum PaperMilitary Exercises: Political Messaging and Strategic Impact
By Jeffrey APPLEGET; Robert T. DAVIS II; Peter DOMBROWSKI; Ilay A. D. FERRIER; Ryan W. FRENCH; John GILL; Beatrice HEUSER; Tormod HEIER; Guillaume LASCONJARIAS; Jeffrey A LARSEN; Denis MERCIER; Jeffrey E. KLINE; Johan NORBERG; Spyridon PLAKOUDAS; Diego A. RUIZ PALMER; Erwin A. SCHMIDL; Olivier SCHMITT; James SHEAHAN; James W. WIRTZ; Amr YOSSEF; Christopher D. YUNG; NATO Defense College Forum Paper No. 26 - April 2018Downloaded 35556 times.Foreword by General Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
Edited by Beatrice Heuser, Tormod Heier and Guillaume Lasconjarias
Research PaperNew Armies for a New Era - Decrypting post-2011 Arab Military Reform Trends
By Eleonora ARDEMAGNI; Umberto PROFAZIO; Research Paper No. 145 - March 2018Downloaded 34212 times.
Research PaperClosing Sweden's Military Security Deficit: the National Debate on NATO Membership
By Ian ANTHONY; Carrie WEINTRAUB; Research Paper No. 144 - March 2018Downloaded 33174 times.
Fellowship MonographGermany’s Russia Challenge
By John LOUGHFellowship Monograph No. 11 - February 2018Downloaded 34530 times.
Eisenhower PaperEducating to cross-cultural competence: The case of the NATO Defense College
By Elena PALLONIEisenhower Paper No. 8 - February 2018Downloaded 33372 times.
NDC CommentaryNuclear Reorientation of NATO
By Karl-Heinz KAMPNDC Commentary No. 1 - February 2018Downloaded 33689 times.
Fellowship MonographCentral Asia and NATO against a Backdrop of Changing Geopolitical Realities
By Uguloy MUKHTOROVAFellowship Monograph No. 10 - January 2018Downloaded 32757 times.
Research PaperRussian Forward Military Basing in Armenia and Moscow’s Influence in the South Caucasus
By Can KASAPOGLUResearch Paper No. 143 - December 2017Downloaded 33240 times.
Research PaperThe Western Balkans and the Revenge of History
By Ian HOPEResearch Paper No. 142 - November 2017Downloaded 33701 times.
Research PaperNATO in the Black Sea: What to Expect Next?
By Zviad ADZINBAIAResearch Paper No. 141 - November 2017Downloaded 33656 times.
Conference ReportRethinking Deterrence and Assurance - Western Deterrence Strategies: at an Inflection Point?
By Anthony JUAREZConference Report No. 04 - September 2017Downloaded 33129 times.
Research PaperTrust (in) NATO - The future of intelligence sharing within the Alliance
By Jan BALLASTResearch Paper No. 140 - September 2017Downloaded 34823 times.
Research PaperThe Evolution of the Hybrid Threat, and Resilience as a Countermeasure
By Uwe HARTMANNResearch Paper No. 139 - September 2017Downloaded 36049 times.
Russian StudiesThe War of the Future: A Conceptual Framework and Practical Conclusions Essays on Strategic Thought
By Gudrun PERSSONRussian Studies No. 03 - July 2017Downloaded 34669 times.
Conference ReportProjecting Stability in NATO's Southern Neighbourhood
By Margherita BIANCHI; Guillaume LASCONJARIAS; Alessandro MARRONE; Conference Report No. 03 - July 2017Downloaded 33759 times.
Research ReportNATO’s Special Meeting in Brussels Addressing Current Priorities and Restating Core Values
By Alessandra Giada DIBENEDETTOResearch Report No. 02 - June 2017Downloaded 32822 times.
Conference ReportEnhancing NATO-EU Cooperation: Looking South and Beyond
By Kevin KOEHLERConference Report No. 02 - June 2017Downloaded 33202 times.
Conference ReportKeep Calm and Deter: NATO Nuclear Deterrence After the Warsaw Summit
By Alessandra Giada DIBENEDETTO; Jeffrey A LARSEN; Conference Report No. 01 - June 2017Downloaded 32860 times.
Russian StudiesTowards a Dual Fleet? The Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation and the Modernisation of Russian Naval Capabilities
By Richard CONNOLLYRussian Studies No. 02 - June 2017Downloaded 33647 times.
Eisenhower PaperDeterrence through Resilience - NATO, the Nations and the Challenges of Being Prepared
By Guillaume LASCONJARIASEisenhower Paper No. 7 - May 2017Downloaded 33740 times.
Research PaperWinning Peace and Exporting Stability: Colombia as NATO's next Global Partner?
By Robert HELBIG; Guillaume LASCONJARIAS; Research Paper No. 138 - May 2017Downloaded 32797 times.
Research ReportMoscow in the Donbas: Command, Control, Crime and the Minsk Peace Process
By Donald N. JENSENResearch Report No. 01 - March 2017Downloaded 33927 times.
Research PaperThe future of NATO and R2P: Ten lessons in norm formation
By Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSORResearch Paper No. 137 - March 2017Downloaded 34105 times.
Research PaperProtecting Falsehoods With a Bodyguard of Lies: Putin's Use of Information Warfare
By Deborah YARSIKE BALLResearch Paper No. 136 - February 2017Downloaded 35945 times.
Russian StudiesWhen Sanctions Bite: Global Export Leadership in a Competitive World and Russia's Energy Strategy to 2035
By Nazrin MEHDIYEVARussian Studies No. 01 - February 2017Downloaded 33169 times.
Research PaperInsecurity in North Africa and the Mediterranean
By George JOFFÉResearch Paper No. 135 - January 2017Downloaded 33140 times.
Research PaperImplementing the Alliance Maritime Strategy in the Mediterranean: NATO's Operation Sea Guardian
By Alessandra Giada DIBENEDETTOResearch Paper No. 134 - December 2016Downloaded 33919 times.
Fellowship MonographHandbook of Russian Information Warfare
By Keir GILESFellowship Monograph No. 9 - November 2016Downloaded 77059 times.
Research ReportWhy NATO Needs a New Strategic Concept
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Report No. 09 - November 2016Downloaded 34548 times.
Research PaperWhen Hybrid Warfare Supports Ideology: Russia Today
By Vira RATSIBORYNSKAResearch Paper No. 133 - November 2016Downloaded 34729 times.
Research ReportThe Determinants of Recent Russian Behaviour: What do these Mean for NATO Decision Makers?
By John FOREMANResearch Report No. 08 - October 2016Downloaded 33363 times.
Conference ReportRethinking Deterrence and Assurance: Russia’s Strategy Relating to Regional Coercion and War, and NATO's Response
By Cristina VARRIALEConference Report No. 03 - October 2016Downloaded 33397 times.
Eisenhower PaperFree of Charge, Straightforward, and Policy-Oriented: An Alternative to Academic Journals
By Giuseppe VITIELLO; Désirée LEONARDI; Eisenhower Paper No. 6 - October 2016Downloaded 32592 times.
Fellowship MonographUne Stratégie de Sécurité de l’OTAN pour le Sahel : Avec Qui et Comment?
By Battiss SAMIRFellowship Monograph No. 8 - September 2016Downloaded 32737 times.
Research PaperThe Framework Nations' Concept and NATO: Game-Changer for a New Strategic Era or Missed Opportunity?
By Diego A. RUIZ PALMERResearch Paper No. 132 - July 2016Downloaded 35478 times.
Russian StudiesTowards Self Sufficiency?
Economics as a Dimension of Russian Security and the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation to 2020

By Richard CONNOLLYRussian Studies No. 01 - July 2016Downloaded 33649 times.
Research PaperA"Substantial Combat Forces" in the Context of NATO-Russia Relations
By William ALBERQUEResearch Paper No. 131 - July 2016Downloaded 34308 times.
Research ReportIs Consensus Still Necessary Within NATO?
By Loren G. TRAUGUTTResearch Report No. 07 - June 2016Downloaded 32805 times.
Research ReportTurkish-Israeli Rapprochement with NATO
By Hasan AYGUNResearch Report No. 06 - June 2016Downloaded 32699 times.
Research ReportDeterring a Nuclear Russia in the 21st Century
Theory and Practice

By Andy CORBETTResearch Report No. 05 - June 2016Downloaded 33589 times.
Fellowship MonographHow NATO’s Values and Functions Influence its Policy and Action
By Alexander MOENSFellowship Monograph No. 7 - May 2016Downloaded 32977 times.
Research ReportNATO’s roadmap and priorities for the 2016 Warsaw Summit agenda
By Committee 5 SENIOR COURSE 127Research Report No. 04 - May 2016Downloaded 32680 times.
Research ReportIs the 2010 Strategic Concept still fit for purpose?
By Committee 8 SENIOR COURSE 127Research Report No. 03 - May 2016Downloaded 34100 times.
Conference ReportNATO and Russia: Managing the Relationship
By Beyza UNALConference Report No. 02 - May 2016Downloaded 33018 times.
Research PaperArticle 5 of the Washington Treaty: Its Origins, Meaning and Future
By Bruno TERTRAISResearch Paper No. 130 - April 2016Downloaded 33983 times.
Research ReportA Nuclear Free Zone for the Middle East: Implications for NATO
By Sameh ABOUL-ENEINResearch Report No. 02 - April 2016Downloaded 32850 times.
Research PaperNavigating towards NATO membership: Montenegro's maritime strategy in context
By Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSORResearch Paper No. 129 - April 2016Downloaded 32857 times.
Forum PaperNATO and Asia-Pacific
By Robert AYSON; Allan DU TOIT; Stephan FRÜHLING; Andreas HEINEMANN-GRÜDER; Yee-Kuang HENG; Geunwook LEE; Christina LIN; Mohan MALIK; Alexander MOENS; Heidi REISINGER; Christopher M. SCHNAUBELT; Philip SHETLER-JONES; Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Stéfanie VON HLATKY; Tsuneo ‘Nabe’ WATANABE; Mark WEBBER; NATO Defense College Forum Paper No. 25 - March 2016Downloaded 38385 times.Foreword by Rear Admiral Allan du Toit, Royal Australian Navy, Australian Military Representative to NATO, 2013-2015
Edited by Alexander Moens and Brooke A. Smith-Windsor
By Andreas JACOBSResearch Report No. 01 - March 2016Downloaded 32928 times.
Conference ReportHow to Respond to Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD)? Towards a NATO Counter-A2/AD Strategy
By Guillaume LASCONJARIAS; Alessandro MARRONE; Conference Report No. 01 - March 2016Downloaded 36579 times.
Research PaperNATO's Southern Flank Does Not Stop in North Africa: Addressing Terrorism Beyond the Sahel
By Meghan J. KINGResearch Paper No. 128 - February 2016Downloaded 33423 times.
Research PaperGeorge F. Kennan, Containment, and the West's Current Russia Problem
By Matthew ROJANSKYResearch Paper No. 127 - January 2016Downloaded 34500 times.
Research PaperTime to Face Reality: Priorities for NATO's 2016 Warsaw Summit
L’heure est venue de voir la réalité en face : Les priorités du sommet de l’OTAN à Varsovie en 2016 By Jeffrey A LARSENResearch Paper No. 126 - January 2016Downloaded 35074 times.
Eisenhower PaperTacit Expertise: How the NATO Defense College nurtures an international hub of security knowledge through education
By Trine VILLUMSEN BERLINGEisenhower Paper No. 5 - January 2016Downloaded 32952 times.
Research PaperPolitical Consensus and Defence Preparations: Why NATO Needs a ‘Military Strategy’
By Stephan FRÜHLINGResearch Paper No. 125 - December 2015Downloaded 33145 times.
Research PaperHybrid or Not: Deterring and Defeating Russia's Ways of Warfare in the Baltics - the Case of Estonia
By Henrik PRAKSResearch Paper No. 124 - December 2015Downloaded 33743 times.
Forum PaperNATO’s Response to Hybrid Threats
By General Philip M. BREEDLOVE; MajGen Janusz BOJARSKI; Jeffrey A LARSEN; Jan ABTS; Inessa BABAN; Stefanie BABST; Hall GARDNER; Keir GILES; Aleksandr GOLTS; Julijus GRUBLIAUSKAS; Andreas JACOBS; Dave JOHNSON; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Guillaume LASCONJARIAS; Roger MCDERMOTT; Henrik PRAKS; Heidi REISINGER; Bettina RENZ; Michael RÜHLE; Diego A. RUIZ PALMER; Jean-Loup SAMAAN; Polina SINOVETS; Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Élie TENENBAUM; NATO Defense College Forum Paper No. 24 - December 2015Downloaded 39835 times.Edited by Guillaume Lasconjarias and Jeffrey A. Larsen
Research PaperHybrid Warfare: Iranian and Russian Versions of "Little Green Men" and Contemporary Conflict
By Hall GARDNERResearch Paper No. 123 - December 2015Downloaded 34286 times.
Research PaperThe Transnistrian Conflict in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis
By Inessa BABANResearch Paper No. 122 - December 2015Downloaded 33048 times.
Research PaperRussia's Renewed Military Thinking: Non-Linear Warfare and Reflexive Control
By Can KASAPOGLUResearch Paper No. 121 - November 2015Downloaded 38167 times.
Research Report“We will conquer your Rome:” Italy and the threat of jihadi terrorism
By Andreas JACOBS; Lorenzo SALVATI; Research Report No. 05 - November 2015Downloaded 34626 times.
Research PaperBack to the future? Russia's hybrid warfare, revolutions in military affairs, and Cold War comparisons
By Diego A. RUIZ PALMERResearch Paper No. 120 - October 2015Downloaded 36501 times.
Conference ReportRethinking Deterrence and Assurance
By Paul BERNSTEINConference Report No. 04 - October 2015Downloaded 33496 times.
Research PaperThreat Perception in Central Asia in Response to Russia-Ukraine: Kazakhstan Will Not Be Next
By Zhulduz BAIZAKOVA; Roger MCDERMOTT; Research Paper No. 119 - September 2015Downloaded 33277 times.
Research PaperEfficacy, not Efficiency: Adjusting NATO's Military Integration
By Martin ZAPFEResearch Paper No. 118 - September 2015Downloaded 33535 times.
Eisenhower PaperNew Technologies to Foster Critical Thinking
By Guillaume LASCONJARIASEisenhower Paper No. 4 - July 2015Downloaded 33858 times.
Research PaperRussia's 2014 Military Doctrine and beyond: threat perceptions, capabilities and ambitions
By Polina SINOVETS; Bettina RENZ; Research Paper No. 117 - July 2015Downloaded 40419 times.
Research PaperNATO-Mongolia relations: limited in scope, but with room to grow
By Robert HELBIGResearch Paper No. 116 - June 2015Downloaded 33040 times.
Research PaperNATO Interoperability: Sustaining Trust and Capacity within the Alliance
By Stephen J. MARANIANResearch Paper No. 115 - June 2015Downloaded 34271 times.
Research PaperAfrica: a Region for Enhanced NATO-EU Cooperation
By Allen PEPPERResearch Paper No. 114 - May 2015Downloaded 33967 times.
Conference ReportNATO and New Ways of Warfare: Defeating Hybrid Threats
By Julian LINDLEY-FRENCHConference Report No. 03 - May 2015Downloaded 36315 times.
Research PaperEnergy as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare
By Michael RÜHLE; Julijus GRUBLIAUSKAS; Research Paper No. 113 - April 2015Downloaded 36491 times.
Research PaperNATO's Hybrid Flanks - Handling Unconventional Warfare in the South and the East
By Andreas JACOBS; Guillaume LASCONJARIAS; Research Paper No. 112 - April 2015Downloaded 37207 times.
Research PaperRussia’s Approach to Conflict – Implications for NATO’s Deterrence and Defence
By Dave JOHNSONResearch Paper No. 111 - April 2015Downloaded 36276 times.
Research ReportAn End-of-Time Utopia: Understanding the Narrative of the Islamic State
By Jean-Loup SAMAANResearch Report No. 04 - April 2015Downloaded 34356 times.
Research ReportNuclear Implications of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Report No. 03 - April 2015Downloaded 36876 times.
Conference ReportUkraine and its Neighbourhood - How to Deal with Aggressive Russia
By Caterina BECKER; Heidi REISINGER; Polina SINOVETS; Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Conference Report No. 02 - March 2015Downloaded 33738 times.
Conference ReportMissile Defense: State of Play and Future Evolution - Summary, Analysis, and Future Research Questions
By Ari KATTANConference Report No. 01 - March 2015Downloaded 33261 times.
Research PaperNATO and the Security Challenges of the Sahel - Sahara Region within the new Geopolitical Order
L’OTAN et les enjeux sécuritaires dans la région saharosahélienne à l’ère de la nouvelle donne géopolitique By Rabah AYNAOUResearch Paper No. 110 - March 2015Downloaded 34417 times.
Research PaperNATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force - Can the VJTF give new élan to the NATO Response Force?
By Jan ABTSResearch Paper No. 109 - February 2015Downloaded 34849 times.
Research ReportWhat mid-term future for Putin's Russia?
By Stefanie BABSTResearch Report No. 02 - February 2015Downloaded 34753 times.
Research PaperNuclear Arms Control: Implications from the Crisis in Ukraine
By Dániel BARTHA ; Anna PÉCZELI; Research Paper No. 108 - February 2015Downloaded 35229 times.
Forum PaperEnduring NATO, Rising Brazil - Managing International Security in a Recalibrating Global Order
OTAN Duradoura, Brasil em ascensão Gestão da Segurança Internacional numa Ordem Mundial em Mudança By Carlos BRANCO; Rob DE WIJK; Erico DUARTE; Robert HELBIG; Kai Michael KENKEL; Joachim KRAUSE; Alexander MATTELAER; Alexander MOENS; Carlo PATTI; José Francisco PAVIA; Jimmy PETERSEN; Antonio Jorge RAMALHO; Bruno C. REIS; Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Oliver STUENKEL; Forum Paper No. 23 - February 2015Downloaded 34556 times.Edited by Brooke A. Smith-Windsor
Research ReportAfter the Paris Attacks - Implications for the Transatlantic Security Debate
By Andreas JACOBS; Jean-Loup SAMAAN; Research Report No. 01 - January 2015Downloaded 34686 times.
Research PaperPlayer at the sidelines - NATO and the fight against ISIL
By Andreas JACOBS; Jean-Loup SAMAAN; Research Paper No. 107 - December 2014Downloaded 36235 times.
Research PaperOperational Green - Enhancing NATO's Energy Supply Security
By Jonathan BITOUNResearch Paper No. 106 - November 2014Downloaded 38255 times.
Research ReportThe Wales Summit and NATO's Deterrence Capabilities - An Assessment
By Jeffrey A LARSENResearch Report - November 2014Downloaded 36247 times.
Research PaperRussia's Hybrid Warfare -Waging War below the Radar of Traditional Collective Defence
By Heidi REISINGER; Aleksandr GOLTS; Research Paper No. 105 - November 2014Downloaded 40452 times.
Eisenhower PaperThe Staff Ride - Using History to Build Leaders
By Guillaume LASCONJARIASEisenhower Paper No. 3 - November 2014Downloaded 33133 times.
Research PaperThe “Home Game” - Countering Violent Extremism within NATO
By Jacqueline PAGEResearch Paper No. 104 - September 2014Downloaded 36659 times.
Conference ReportAssisting Host Country Militaries - Assessing Lessons from NATO, EU, and Member State Experience
By Stephanie BLAIRConference Report - July 2014Downloaded 35199 times.
Conference ReportNATO's Post-2014 Strategic Narrative
By Julian LINDLEY-FRENCHConference Report - July 2014Downloaded 34810 times.
Research ReportFive Long-Term Challenges for NATO beyond the Ukraine Crisis
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Report - July 2014Downloaded 37341 times.
Research PaperSemantics Matter - NATO, Cyberspace and Future Threats
By Christine HEGENBARTResearch Paper No. 103 - July 2014Downloaded 38398 times.
Eisenhower PaperConnected Forces through Connected Education: Harnessing NATO's & Partner Nations Strategic Educational Resources
By Julian LINDLEY-FRENCHEisenhower Paper No. 2 - July 2014Downloaded 33192 times.
Research Paper"Resetting" AU-NATO relations: from ad hoc military-technical cooperation to strategic partnership
By Mehari Taddele MARUResearch Paper No. 102 - June 2014Downloaded 37200 times.
Research ReportNATO Enlargement and Russia: Die-Hard Myths and Real Dilemmas
By Michael RÜHLEResearch Report - May 2014Downloaded 37765 times.
Research PaperNORDEFCO and NATO: "Smart Defence" in the North?
By Ann-Sofie DAHLResearch Paper No. 101 - May 2014Downloaded 37839 times.
Research ReportCold War Déjà Vu? NATO, Russia and the Ukraine Crisis
By Roger MCDERMOTT; Heidi REISINGER; Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Research Report - March 2014Downloaded 38881 times.
Eisenhower PaperThe Ties that Bind? A History of NATO's Academic Adventure with the Middle East
By Jean-Loup SAMAAN; Roman DE STEFANIS; Eisenhower Paper No. 1 - February 2014Downloaded 32911 times.
By Hanna SHELESTResearch Report - February 2014Downloaded 36758 times.
Research ReportDoes Russia Matter? Purely Political Relations Are Not Enough in Operational Times
By Heidi REISINGERResearch Report - February 2014Downloaded 37347 times.
Research PaperFrom the Gulf of Aden to the Gulf of Guinea: A New Maritime Mission for NATO?
By Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; José Francisco PAVIA; Research Paper No. 100 - January 2014Downloaded 37773 times.
Research PaperSend the Reserve! New Ways to Support NATO through Reserve Forces
En avant la réserve ! Renforcer l’OTAN grâce aux forces de réserve By Guillaume LASCONJARIASResearch Paper No. 99 - November 2013Downloaded 39503 times.
Research PaperNot only "Containerspotting" - NATO’s Redeployment from Landlocked Afghanistan
By Heidi REISINGERResearch Paper No. 98 - October 2013Downloaded 37578 times.
Conference ReportThe strategic dimensions of the shale gas revolution: Shared views from NATO and Gulf countries
By Jean-Loup SAMAANConference Report - October 2013Downloaded 34372 times.
Research PaperNATO's 2014 Summit Agenda
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Paper No. 97 - September 2013Downloaded 40546 times.
Research PaperGermany Is More Than Europe Can Handle: Or, Why NATO Remains a Pacifier
By Sten RYNNINGResearch Paper No. 96 - September 2013Downloaded 36937 times.
Research PaperSafe Seas at What Price? The Costs, Benefits and Future of NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield
By James Marcus BRIDGERResearch Paper No. 95 - September 2013Downloaded 35676 times.
Research ReportThe Curious Case of the Egyptian Armed Forces: What was at stake when the Egyptian Military intervened against President Morsi?
By Mona EL-KOUEDIResearch Report - July 2013Downloaded 35041 times.
Research PaperPutting the 'N' back into NATO: A High North policy framework for the Atlantic Alliance?
By Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSORResearch Paper No. 94 - July 2013Downloaded 38263 times.
Conference ReportThe Future of Airborne Forces in NATO
By Guillaume LASCONJARIAS; David MCGREGOR PURSLEY; Conference Report - July 2013Downloaded 35644 times.
Research PaperNATO and the Arab League: The Importance of Being Earnest
By Mona EL-KOUEDIResearch Paper No. 93 - June 2013Downloaded 37605 times.
Conference Report"Political and Military Cooperation or NATO-Russian Roulette" Proactive Management of a Difficult Relationship
By Karl-Heinz KAMP; Heidi REISINGER; Conference Report - June 2013Downloaded 35555 times.
Research PaperNATO’s Partnerships After 2014: Go West!
By Karl-Heinz KAMP; Heidi REISINGER; Research Paper No. 92 - May 2013Downloaded 36566 times.
Research PaperNATO and Japan as Multifaceted Partners
By Michito TSURUOKAResearch Paper No. 91 - April 2013Downloaded 37894 times.
Research PaperNATO's Maritime Strategy and the Libya Crisis as Seen from the Sea
La stratégie maritime de l'OTAN et la crise en Libye vue de la mer By Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSORResearch Paper No. 90 - March 2013Downloaded 38994 times.
Forum PaperAU-NATO Collaboration: Implications and Prospects
By Adesoji ADENIYI; Bola A. AKINTERINWA; James Marcus BRIDGER; Christopher COKER; Christopher L. DANIELS; Solomon Ayele DERSSO; Kumbirai HODZI; Sally Khalifa ISAAC; Christian KABATI; Markus KAIM; Mehari Taddele MARU; Kay MATHEWS; Alexander MOENS; J. Shola OMOTOLA; José Francisco PAVIA; Jimmy PETERSON; Kai SCHAEFER; Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Forum Paper No. 22 - February 2013Downloaded 34232 times.Edited by Brooke A. Smith-Windsor
Research ReportUnderstanding the Malian Crisis from a Euro-Atlantic Perspective
By Guillaume LASCONJARIASResearch Report - January 2013Downloaded 39571 times.
Research PaperThe Broader Context of NATO's Nuclear Policy and Posture
By Michael RÜHLEResearch Paper No. 89 - January 2013Downloaded 37344 times.
Research PaperThe NRF: from a Key Driver of Transformation to a Laboratory of the Connected Forces Initiative
By Guillaume LASCONJARIASResearch Paper No. 88 - January 2013Downloaded 39772 times.
Research PaperCan NATO Find a Role for Itself vis-à-vis China?
By James BOUTILIERResearch Paper No. 87 - December 2012Downloaded 39496 times.
Research PaperThe New Logic of the Syrian Conflict And its Meaning for NATO
By Jean-Loup SAMAANResearch Paper No. 86 - December 2012Downloaded 39438 times.
Research PaperEmerging Security Challenges: A Glue for NATO and Partners?
By Ioanna-Nikoletta ZYGAResearch Paper No. 85 - November 2012Downloaded 39426 times.
Conference ReportConference report: "NATO partnerships in a shifting strategic landscape"
By WILTON PARK - NDCConference Report - November 2012Downloaded 34410 times.Wilton Park - NDC Conference
Conference ReportNATO's Deterrence and Defense Posture After the Chicago Summit: A Report on a Workshop in Rome, 25-27 June 2012
By David S. YOSTConference Report - October 2012Downloaded 36876 times.
Research PaperRomney vs. Obama: what the Atlantic Alliance can expect from the next U.S. President
By Patrick KELLERResearch Paper No. 84 - October 2012Downloaded 40287 times.
Research PaperNATO in the Gulf: Partnership Without a Cause?
By Jean-Loup SAMAANResearch Paper No. 83 - October 2012Downloaded 40119 times.
Research PaperPartner number one or NATO ally twenty-nine? Sweden and NATO post-Libya
By Ann-Sofie DAHLResearch Paper No. 82 - September 2012Downloaded 39808 times.
Research PaperNATO Enlargement Reloaded
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Paper No. 81 - September 2012Downloaded 39800 times.
Conference ReportConference Report: "The NATO Mission in Afghanistan Post-2014: The Transformation Decade"
By Research Division NDCConference Report - September 2012Downloaded 37617 times.
Research PaperAfter Combat, the Perils of Partnership: NATO and Afghanistan beyond 2014
By Sten RYNNINGResearch Paper No. 80 - July 2012Downloaded 39383 times.
Research PaperHow to get out of Afghanistan: NATO's withdrawal through Central Asia
By Heidi REISINGERResearch Paper No. 79 - June 2012Downloaded 41415 times.
Research PaperThe Challenge of Social Media in Security Policy Institutions: A Note of Caution
By Mario MASDEAResearch Paper No. 78 - June 2012Downloaded 37586 times.
Research ReportTowards a Copernican revolution in the MENA region
By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Report - June 2012Downloaded 37417 times.
Russian StudiesReviewing Russian Strategic Planning: The Emergence of Strategy 2020
By Julian COOPERRussian Studies - June 2012Downloaded 42787 times.
Research ReportThe Transatlantic Link after Chicago
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Report - May 2012Downloaded 44484 times.
Research PaperPolicy making in 140 characters or less: NATO and social media
By Lucy LEIDERMANResearch Paper No. 77 - May 2012Downloaded 40856 times.
Research PaperFive years after Estonia's cyber attacks: lessons learned for NATO?
By Vincent JOUBERTResearch Paper No. 76 - May 2012Downloaded 42107 times.
Conference ReportConference Report: "The Impact of the Arab Crisis on Security Institutions in North Africa and the Middle East"
By Pierre RAZOUXConference Report - April 2012Downloaded 37796 times.
Research PaperBeyond Afghanistan, NATO's Global Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific
By Benjamin SCHREERResearch Paper No. 75 - April 2012Downloaded 41596 times.Beyond Afghanistan, NATO's Global Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific
Research ReportA NATO transit hub in Ulyanovsk - What's behind the Russian debate?
By Heidi REISINGERResearch Report - April 2012Downloaded 38489 times.
Forum PaperSmart Defense: A Critical Appraisal
By Jakob HENIUS; Jacopo LEONE MACDONALD; Forum Paper No. 21 - March 2012Downloaded 35538 times.
Research ReportSix Strategic Lessons learned from Libya: NATO's Operation Unified Protector
By Florence GAUBResearch Report - March 2012Downloaded 43180 times.
Research ReportFlattering to deceive? Change (and continuity) in post election Russia
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - March 2012Downloaded 42015 times.
Research PaperWho Gives the Orders in the New Russian Military?
By Keir GILESResearch Paper No. 74 - March 2012Downloaded 38630 times.
Research PaperNATO - India: Prospects of a Partnership
By Robert HELBIGResearch Paper No. 73 - February 2012Downloaded 42517 times.
Forum PaperThe Transatlantic Bargain
By Robert E. HUNTER; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Mark D. DUCASSE; Lawrence S. KAPLAN; Diego A. RUIZ PALMER; Karl KAISER; John IKENBERRY; Wallace J. THIES; Michael RÜHLE; Sean KAY; Stanley R. SLOAN; de Wijk ROB; L. Barry CHARLES; Forum Paper No. 20 - February 2012Downloaded 34735 times.Edited by Mark D. Ducasse
Research PaperRearranging Family Life and a Large Circle of Friends: Reforming NATO's Partnership Programmes
By Heidi REISINGERResearch Paper No. 72 - January 2012Downloaded 42547 times.
Research PaperThe day after Iran goes nuclear: Implications for NATO
By Jean-Loup SAMAANResearch Paper No. 71 - January 2012Downloaded 41606 times.
Research ReportWhat future for post-Gaddafi Libya?
Quel avenir pour la Libye post-Kadhafi ? By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Report - December 2011Downloaded 43346 times.
Conference ReportCarrying Forward NATO's Deterrence Review: A Report on a Workshop in Brussels, 25-26 October 2011
By David S. YOSTConference Report - December 2011Downloaded 40399 times.
Research PaperNATO's Chicago Summit: A Thorny Agenda
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Paper No. 70 - November 2011Downloaded 42628 times.
Russian StudiesThe Three Ds: Development, Diversion and Diversification. Reviewing Russia's Energy Strategy to 2030
By Nazrin MEHDIYEVARussian Studies - November 2011Downloaded 43804 times.
Research PaperRussia's strategies in Afghanistan and their consequences for NATO
By Marlène LARUELLEResearch Paper No. 69 - November 2011Downloaded 41598 times.
Forum PaperPlanning Ahead for a Peacekeeping Mission on the Golan Heights: a Role for NATO?
By Celine TOUBOULForum Paper No. 19 - October 2011Downloaded 33489 times.Edited by Pierre Razoux.
Research ReportLibya: Avoiding State Failure
By Florence GAUBResearch Report - September 2011Downloaded 40855 times.
Research ReportThe NATO Mission in Afghanistan: Transitioning to Afghan Control
By Research Division NDC NATO Defense College Research Report - September 2011Downloaded 41166 times.
Research ReportLibya in Limbo: How to Fill the Security Vacuum
By Florence GAUBResearch Report - September 2011Downloaded 40337 times.
Research ReportNATO's Role in a Post-Conflict Libya
By Research Division NDCResearch Report - August 2011Downloaded 40174 times.
Research ReportAl-Qaeda and its prospects after the Arab revolutions
By Magnus JOHNSSONResearch Report - July 2011Downloaded 40297 times.
Research Report"Six months after the start of the Arab Spring: impact and challenges for the countries of North Africa and the Middle East and for NATO partnerships"
By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Report - June 2011Downloaded 40974 times.
Conference ReportAdapting NATO's Deterrence Posture: The Alliance's New Strategic Concept and Implications for Nuclear Policy, Non-Proliferation, Arms Control, and Disarmament: A Report on a Workshop in Tallinn, 4-6 May 2011
By David S. YOSTConference Report - June 2011Downloaded 41924 times.
Forum PaperTowards a Comprehensive Approach: Strategic and Operational Challenges
By J. Edward FOX; Florence GAUB; David E. JOHNSON; Andrew MONAGHAN; Christopher M. SCHNAUBELT; Jan TECHAU; Rick WADDELL; Forum Paper No. 18 - May 2011Downloaded 35119 times.Edited by Christopher M. Schnaubelt
Research PaperNATO's Nuclear Posture Review: Nuclear Sharing Instead of Nuclear Stationing
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Paper No. 68 - May 2011Downloaded 35222 times.
Forum PaperThe UN and NATO: Forward from the Joint Declaration
L’ONU et l’OTAN : les suites de la Déclaration commune By Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Alexis VAHLAS; Michael F. HARSCH; Forum Paper No. 17 - May 2011Downloaded 35749 times.Edited by Brooke A. Smith-Windsor
Forum PaperNATO and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Security: Prospects for Burden Sharing
By Sally Khalifa ISAACForum Paper No. 16 - April 2011Downloaded 33892 times.
Research PaperBuilding a new military? The NATO Training Mission-Iraq
By Florence GAUBResearch Paper No. 67 - April 2011Downloaded 34953 times.
Forum PaperTowards a Comprehensive Approach: Integrating Civilian and Military Concepts of Strategy
By Allen BURCH; Bradford R. HIGGINS; Christopher A. JENNINGS; Kirk A. JOHNSON; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Nadia SCHADLOW; Christopher M. SCHNAUBELT; Forum Paper No. 15 - April 2011Downloaded 37624 times.Edited by Christopher M. Schnaubelt
Research PaperNATO’s Fight Against Terrorism. Where Do We Stand?
By Claudia BERNASCONIResearch Paper No. 66 - April 2011Downloaded 36096 times.
Research ReportNATO in Libya: The Alliance between emergency help and nation building
By Florence GAUB; Murray GUPTILL; Richard D. HOOKER; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Pierre RAZOUX; Rolf SCHWARZ; Research Report - March 2011Downloaded 41204 times.
Research ReportThe Arab Explosion: Questions and Options for NATO
Face à l’embrasement du monde arabe : Questions et options pour l’OTAN By Florence GAUB; Murray GUPTILL; Karl-Heinz KAMP; Pierre RAZOUX; Rolf SCHWARZ; Research Report - February 2011Downloaded 42024 times.
Research PaperWhat Makes Communication Strategic? – Preparing Military Organizations for the Battle of Ideas
By Jan TECHAUResearch Paper No. 65 - February 2011Downloaded 35294 times.
Research ReportWhat to expect of the Egyptian army?
Qu’attendre de l’armée égyptienne ? By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Report - February 2011Downloaded 41118 times.
Research ReportFrom Lisbon to Munich: Russian views of NATO-Russia relations
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - February 2011Downloaded 41343 times.
Research ReportWhat to think of the political crisis in North Africa and the Middle East?
Que penser de la crise politique que traversent l’Afrique du Nord et le Moyen-Orient ? By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Report - February 2011Downloaded 45399 times.
Research ReportThe attack on Domodedovo
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - January 2011Downloaded 40831 times.
Research PaperHow to revitalize the dialogue between NATO and the Maghreb countries
Comment redynamiser le Dialogue méditerranéen de l’OTAN avec les pays du Maghreb? By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Paper No. 64 - December 2010Downloaded 34969 times.
Research PaperBuilt on shaky ground: the Comprehensive Approach in practice
By Philipp ROTMANNResearch Paper No. 63 - December 2010Downloaded 36527 times.
Research PaperCyber war and cyber power. Issues for NATO doctrine
By Jeffrey HUNKERResearch Paper No. 62 - November 2010Downloaded 37777 times.
Research PaperNATO's Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Beyond "Yes" or "No"
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Paper No. 61 - September 2010Downloaded 35186 times.
Russian StudiesUnderstanding the Georgia Conflict, Two Years On Reviews and Commentaries - Part 1: "The Tanks of August", edited by Ruslan Pukhov, Moscow: Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, 2009.
By Keir GILESRussian Studies - September 2010Downloaded 46254 times.
Russian StudiesUnderstanding the Georgia Conflict, Two Years On Reviews and Commentaries - Part 2: "Making Sense in Russia and the West"
By Keir GILESRussian Studies - September 2010Downloaded 43000 times.
Research PaperMissile Defense: Challenges and Opportunities for NATO
By Stephan FRÜHLING; Svenja SINJEN; Research Paper No. 60 - July 2010Downloaded 35375 times.
Forum PaperComplex Operations: NATO at war and on the margins of war
By Research Division NDC Edited by Christopher M. Schnaubelt Forum Paper No. 14 - July 2010Downloaded 35633 times.
Research PaperThe Moscow metro bombings and terrorism in Russia
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Paper No. 59 - June 2010Downloaded 34637 times.
Research PaperThe debate about Article 5 and its credibility. What is it all about?
By Pål JONSONResearch Paper No. 58 - May 2010Downloaded 35362 times.
Conference ReportThe Future of NATO's Nuclear Deterrent: The New Strategic Concept and the 2010 NPT Review Conference - A Workshop Report -
By David S. YOSTConference Report - April 2010Downloaded 43945 times.
Research PaperNATO: peacekeeping in the Holy Land? A feasibility study
L’OTAN en Terre sainte pour une mission de maintien de la paix ? Étude de faisabilité By Florence GAUBResearch Paper No. 57 - March 2010Downloaded 35795 times.
Research PaperPiracy – threat or nuisance?
By Alessandro SCHEFFLERResearch Paper No. 56 - February 2010Downloaded 34550 times.
Russian StudiesThe Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation 2010
By Keir GILESRussian Studies - February 2010Downloaded 52877 times.
Forum PaperThe Indivisibility of Security: Russia and Euro-Atlantic Security
By Research Division NDC Edited by Andrew Monaghan Forum Paper No. 13 - January 2010Downloaded 34331 times.
Research PaperWhat future for NATO’s Istanbul Cooperation Initiative?
Quel avenir pour l’Initiative de Coopération d’Istanbul de l’OTAN? By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Paper No. 55 - January 2010Downloaded 34884 times.
Russian StudiesReview of Larisa Kucherova's "KGB v Afghanistanye" (The KGB in Afghanistan)
By Gordon BENNETT Gordon Bennett Russian Studies - January 2010Downloaded 42130 times.
Research PaperTaking Stock of NATO’s Response Force
By Jens RINGSMOSEResearch Paper No. 54 - January 2010Downloaded 34746 times.
Forum PaperThe Impact of the Financial Crisis on Russia
By Silvana MALLEForum Paper No. 12 - December 2009Downloaded 33358 times.
Research Report"NATO and Gulf Security"
"L’OTAN et la sécurité du Golfe" By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Report - December 2009Downloaded 45178 times.
Forum PaperCounterinsurgency: the challenge for NATO strategy and operations
By Research Division NDC Edited by Christopher M. Schnaubelt Forum Paper No. 11 - November 2009Downloaded 36373 times.
Research PaperAn assessment of crime related risks in the Sahel
Évaluation des risques liés à la criminalité dans l’arc sahelien By Laurence AMMOURResearch Paper No. 53 - November 2009Downloaded 34320 times.
Russian StudiesReview of Natan Dubovitsky's "Okolonolia" [gangsta fiction]
By Research Division NDC NDC Research Division Russian Studies - October 2009Downloaded 41845 times.
Research PaperNATO and the Economic and Financial Crisis
By Keith HARTLEY; Binyam SOLOMON; Research Paper No. 52 - October 2009Downloaded 34791 times.
Forum PaperTowards a new Strategic Concept for NATO
By Klaus WITTMANNForum Paper No. 10 - September 2009Downloaded 34861 times.
Research PaperNATO and the new US “Af-Pak” Strategy
By Christopher M. SCHNAUBELTResearch Paper No. 51 - September 2009Downloaded 35801 times.
Research PaperArguing Afghanistan: what the detractors of NATO's mission get wrong
By Patrick KELLERResearch Paper No. 50 - September 2009Downloaded 34180 times.
Research PaperSECURING THE COMMONS: Towards NATO’s New Maritime Strategy
By Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSORResearch Paper No. 49 - September 2009Downloaded 35119 times.
Research Report"Muddling down": the economic crisis in Russia and its political impact
By E. BACON; Julian COOPER; Andrew MONAGHAN; Research Report - September 2009Downloaded 44672 times.
Research PaperCounter-piracy operations: The legal regime in a nutshell
By Frederic ISCHEBECK-BAUMResearch Paper No. 48 - August 2009Downloaded 32710 times.
Russian StudiesThe UK and Russia. A troubled relationship (Part II)
By Research Division NDC Edited by Vagif Guseinov & Andrew Monaghan Russian Studies - August 2009Downloaded 45607 times.Part I available at
Research PaperCounter-piracy operations: the legal regime in a nutshell
By Frederic ISCHEBECK-BAUMResearch Paper No. 48 - August 2009Downloaded 34830 times.
Research PaperWhat future for Georgia?
Quel avenir pour la Géorgie ? By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Paper No. 47 - June 2009Downloaded 34591 times.
Forum PaperOperationalizing a comprehensive approach in semi-permissive environments
By Research Division NDC Edited by Christopher M. SCHNAUBELT Forum Paper No. 9 - June 2009Downloaded 34304 times.
Research PaperThe Way to NATO's New Strategic Concept
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Paper No. 46 - June 2009Downloaded 35774 times.
Russian StudiesRussia’s National Security Strategy to 2020
By Keir GILESRussian Studies No. 3 - June 2009Downloaded 46396 times.
Research ReportNATO and energy security after the Strasbourg-Kehl summit
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - June 2009Downloaded 41928 times.
Research ReportAt the table or on the menu? Moscow's proposals for strategic reform
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - June 2009Downloaded 44797 times.
Forum PaperNATO and 21st Century Deterrence
By Research Division NDC Edited by Karl-Heinz KAMP and David S. YOST Forum Paper No. 8 - May 2009Downloaded 33923 times since June 09.
Forum PaperSecurity prospects in the High North: geostrategic thaw or freeze?
By Karl-Heinz KAMP; Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Sven G. HOLTSMARK; Clive ARCHER; Samantha L. ARNOLDS; Alyson J.K. BAILES; Alf Håkon HOEL; Frédéric LASSERRE; Kristine OFFERDAL; Stéphane ROUSSEL; Katarzyna ZYSK; Edited by Sven G. Holtsmark and Brooke A. Smith-Windsor Forum Paper No. 7 - May 2009Downloaded 33670 times since June 09.
Russian StudiesA review of Nikolay and Marina Svanidze's book "Medvedev"
By Research Division NDCRussian Studies No. 2 - April 2009Downloaded 41923 times since June 09.
Forum PaperState-building and rule of law: lessons from Afghanistan?
By Sari KOUVOForum Paper No. 6 - March 2009Downloaded 33309 times since June 09.
Research PaperTowards cooperation or confrontation? Security in the High North
By Sven G. HOLTSMARKResearch Paper No. 45 - February 2009Downloaded 34617 times since June 09.
Research PaperObstacles to FYROM*’s membership of NATO: a tougher agenda than expected
L'intégration contrariée de l'ex-République yougoslave de Macédoine* à l'OTAN : un agenda plus lourd que prévu By Zoran KOSANICResearch Paper No. 44 - February 2009Downloaded 34079 times since June 09.* Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.
Research ReportRussia at the Resumption of NATO-Russia Relations
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - January 2009Downloaded 45047 times since June 09.
Research ReportCooperation rather than confrontation: Security in the High North
By Sven G. HOLTSMARKResearch Report No. 1 - January 2009Downloaded 45116 times since June 09.
Forum PaperCan NATO enhance energy cooperation in the Caspian region?
By Nicolò SARTORIForum Paper No. 5 - December 2008Downloaded 33110 times since June 09.
Research ReportRussia’s “Big Idea”: “Helsinki 2” and the reform of Euro-Atlantic Security
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - December 2008Downloaded 35516 times since June 09.
Research PaperBarack Obama’s foreign policy what can NATO expect from the next U.S. President?
By Patrick KELLERResearch Paper No. 43 - November 2008Downloaded 33567 times since June 09.
Research PaperThe keys to understanding the Israel–Russia relationship
Israël-Russie : les clés pour comprendre By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Paper No. 42 - November 2008Downloaded 33844 times since June 09.
Research PaperReinventing NATO´s Public Diplomacy
By Stefanie BABSTResearch Paper No. 41 - November 2008Downloaded 33504 times since June 09.
Forum PaperThe Strategic Interest of the Maghreb States
By Belkacem IRATNIForum Paper No. 4 - November 2008Downloaded 32569 times since June 09.
Research Report"10 Things You Should Know About a Comprehensive Approach"
By Ferenc MOLNAR; Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSOR; Research Report No. 17 - November 2008Downloaded 37123 times since June 09.
Russian StudiesA review of Ambassador Rogozin's book "An enemy of the people"
By Research Division NDCRussian Studies No. 1 - November 2008Downloaded 41936 times since June 09.
Research ReportNATO’s organizational evolution: the case for a Civil Security Committee
By David MCGREGOR PURSLEYResearch Report - November 2008Downloaded 33415 times since June 09.
Research PaperWhat NATO can learn from “the surge” in Iraq
By Christopher M. SCHNAUBELTResearch Paper No. 40 - October 2008Downloaded 33686 times since June 09.
Research ReportHow and why did NATO survive the Bush doctrine?
By Stanley R. SLOANResearch Report No. 16 - October 2008Downloaded 33498 times since June 09.
Research ReportPolitics Without Strategy? Decision-making in Russia
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - October 2008Downloaded 33403 times since June 09.
Research PaperNATO and the challenge of non-lethal weapons
By Cees M. COOPSResearch Paper No. 39 - September 2008Downloaded 33256 times since June 09.
Research ReportThe Russo-Georgian Conflict
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report No. 15 - August 2008Downloaded 33470 times since June 09.
Research PaperHasten Slowly: NATO's Effects Based and Comprehensive Approach to Operations
HÂTEZ-VOUS LENTEMENT: L’approche des opérations basées sur les effets et l’approche globale de l’OTAN By Brooke A. SMITH-WINDSORResearch Paper No. 38 - July 2008Downloaded 34344 times since June 09.
Research ReportRussia will propose a new foreign policy concept to NATO
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Report - July 2008Downloaded 33402 times since June 09.
Research PaperAfter the Summit: Long-Term Consequences for NATO
By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Paper No. 37 - June 2008Downloaded 33256 times since June 09.
Research PaperEnergy Security: NATO’s Limited, Complementary Role
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Paper No. 36 - May 2008Downloaded 33703 times since June 09.
Research PaperThe NATO Mediterranean Dialogue at a crossroads
Le Dialogue méditerranéen de l’OTAN à la croisée des chemins By Pierre RAZOUXResearch Paper No. 35 - April 2008Downloaded 33651 times since June 09.
Conference ReportReport on the conference "NATO before Bucharest: the Alliance at the Crossroads" (Strategic Assessment Seminar)
By Karl-Heinz KAMPConference Report No. 24 - January 2008Downloaded 33269 times since June 09.
Research PaperAn interview with General James L. Jones, USMC, Retired, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), 2003-2006
By David S. YOSTResearch Paper No. 34 - January 2008Downloaded 33083 times since June 09.
Conference ReportReport on the MD-ICI Research Workshop
By Pierre RAZOUXConference Report No. 23 - December 2007Downloaded 33273 times since June 09.
Research PaperThe NATO Summit in Bucharest: The Alliance at the Crossroads
Le sommet de l’OTAN à Bucarest: l’Alliance à la croisée des chemins By Karl-Heinz KAMPResearch Paper No. 33 - November 2007Downloaded 33396 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperNATO and 21st Century War
By Samuel GRIER Editor: Cees M. COOPS Occasional Paper No. 24 - October 2007Downloaded 32492 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperCultural Challenges in Military Operations
By Research Division NDC Editors: Cees M. COOPS and Tibor SZVIRCSEV TRESCH Occasional Paper No. 23 - October 2007Downloaded 32389 times since June 09.
Forum PaperNATO and International Organizations
By David S. YOSTForum Paper No. 3 - September 2007Downloaded 33043 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperL’operation Active Endeavour et son impact sur le Dialogue méditerranéen de l’OTAN
By Rachid EL HOUDAÏGUI Edited by Jean DUFOURCH and Carlo FINIZIO Occasional Paper No. 22 - June 2007Downloaded 32260 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperNATO and the Future of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
By Research Division NDC Editors: Joseph F. PILAT and David S. YOST Occasional Paper No. 21 - May 2007Downloaded 32297 times since June 09.
Research PaperArmenian Perceptions of International Security in the South Caucasus || Azerbaijan’s Key Role in the South Caucasus || Georgia and International Politics in the South Caucasus
By David S. YOST; Andrew MONAGHAN; Cees M. COOPS; Research Paper No. 32 - March 2007Downloaded 33058 times since June 09.
Forum PaperImproving NATO-NGO Relations in Crisis Response Operations
Comment améliorer les relations entre l’OTAN et les ONG dans les opérations de réponse aux crises? By Laure BORGOMANO-LOUPForum Paper No. 2 - March 2007Downloaded 33018 times since June 09.
Research PaperNATO-EU Cooperation in Operations || ESDP and NATO Capability Generation: The Latest Case of Mirror Imaging?
By Leo MICHEL; Andrea GRAZIOSO; Research Paper No. 31 - February 2007Downloaded 33453 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperDivergences entre Israël et les pays européensde l’OTAN sur la sécurité durable de l’Etat d’Israël
By Ilan GREILSAMMER Editor: Jean DUFOURCH. Occasional Paper No. 20 - January 2007Downloaded 32209 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperDeactivating War: How Societies Demobilise after Armed Conflict
By Natalia SPRINGEROccasional Paper No. s - December 2006Downloaded 32237 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperSécurité et stabilité dans le Sahel africain
By Mehdi TAJEOccasional Paper No. 19 - December 2006Downloaded 32420 times since June 09.
Research PaperThe Frozen Conflict In Western Sahara: Who Benefits?
A qui profite le gel du conflit du Sahara Occidental? By Laurence AMMOURResearch Paper No. 30 - November 2006Downloaded 33308 times since June 09.
Research PaperEnergy Security - What Role for NATO?
By Andrew MONAGHANResearch Paper No. 29 - November 2006Downloaded 33388 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperRussia's Quest for Strategic Identity
By Stanislav SECRIERUOccasional Paper No. 18 - November 2006Downloaded 32255 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperDefense Reform and the Russian Navy
By Yuri KRUPNOVOccasional Paper No. 17 - October 2006Downloaded 32245 times since June 09.
Research PaperNATO and the European Union and their offers of cooperation in the Mediterranean
L’OTAN, l’Union européenne et leurs offres de coopération en Méditerranée By Hélène PRESTATResearch Paper No. 28 - September 2006Downloaded 33393 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperA Roadmap for Ukraine's Integration into Transatlantic Structures
By Oksana KOZLOVSKAOccasional Paper No. 16 - June 2006Downloaded 32369 times since June 09.
Forum PaperRenewing NATO’s Partnerships: Towards a Coherent and Efficient Framework
By Carlo MASALA; Katariina SAARILUOMA; Forum Paper No. 1 - June 2006Downloaded 33483 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperNATO-EU Cooperation in Post-Conflict Reconstruction
By Research Division NDC Edited by Jean Dufourcq and David S. Yost Occasional Paper No. 15 - May 2006Downloaded 32360 times since June 09.
Research PaperNouvelles responsabilités de l’Union africaine, nouvelles dispositions de l’Alliance atlantique || Formes durables d’une future coopération entre l’Alliance atlantique et l’Union africaine
By Jean DUFOURCQ; Alfredo MANTICA; Research Paper No. 27 - April 2006Downloaded 32777 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperLe Maghreb stratégique (2ème partie)
By Research Division NDC Editors: Jean Dufourcq and Laure Borgomano-Loup. Occasional Paper No. 14 - April 2006Downloaded 32251 times since June 09.
Research PaperLessons learned from the Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan: Implications for Russian Defense Reform
By Oleg KULAKOVResearch Paper No. 26 - March 2006Downloaded 32910 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperIntegrative Processes in the South Caucasus and their Security Implications
By Leila ALIEVAOccasional Paper No. 13 - March 2006Downloaded 32186 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperPromoting Sustainable Security
Promouvoir la sécurité durable By Research Division NDC Edited by Jean Dufourcq and Laure Borgomano-Loup Occasional Paper No. 12 - February 2006Downloaded 32487 times since June 09.In cooperation with the International Organization for Migration - The Psychosocial and Cultural Integration Unit
Research PaperNATO-EU Cooperation in Post-Conflict Reconstruction || Prospects for NATO-Russia Joint Peace Support Operations
By David S. YOST; Lionel PONSARD; Research Paper No. 25 - December 2005Downloaded 32935 times since June 09.
Research PaperThe Role of the Wider Black Sea Area (WBSA) in a Future European Security Space || Peace in the Middle East after Israeli Disengagement
By Cees M. COOPS; Laure BORGOMANO-LOUP; Research Paper No. 24 - November 2005Downloaded 32773 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperWhen Suicide Bombing Reaches the Tipping Point
By Samuel GRIEROccasional Paper No. 8 - October 2005Downloaded 32184 times since June 09.
Research PaperFrom a Weak State to a Reunified Moldova: New Opportunities to Resolve the Transdniestria Conflict
By Jos BOONSTRAResearch Paper No. 23 - October 2005Downloaded 32725 times since June 09.
Research PaperSecurity Sector Reform in Afghanistan - A Continued March towards Implementation
By Mark SEDRAResearch Paper No. 22 - August 2005Downloaded 32710 times since June 09.
Research PaperNATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative: Prospects for Development || The Istanbul Cooperation Initiative - Possible Next Steps Ahead
By Laure BORGOMANO-LOUP; Carlo MASALA; Peter FABER; Research Paper No. 21 - June 2005Downloaded 32766 times since June 09.
Research PaperNATO and the Middle East Peace Process: Scenarios of Possibilities and Risks
By Heba NEGMResearch Paper No. 20 - June 2005Downloaded 32783 times since June 09.
Research PaperKosovo - Strategic Options for the Future?
By Cees M. COOPS; Peter FABER; Research Paper No. 19 - May 2005Downloaded 32741 times since June 09.
Research PaperCapacités et complémentarités entre l’OTAN et les forces de la PESD pour la gestion de crise || NATO Response Force and Battle Groups: Competition or Complementarity?
By François GÉRÉ; Carlo MASALA; Research Paper No. 18 - April 2005Downloaded 32820 times since June 09.
Research PaperA Road Map for Ukraine
By Lionel PONSARDResearch Paper No. 17 - April 2005Downloaded 32767 times since June 09.
Research ReportLooking to the Future: Common Security Interests and Challenges in the Mediterranean and the Middle East
By Research Division NDC Edited by Jean DUFOURCQ et Laure BORGOMANO-LOUP Research Report No. 22 - March 2005Downloaded 33499 times since June 09.
Research PaperTurkey’s Role in NATO in the Post-Cold War Security Environment
By Sule NISANCIResearch Paper No. 16 - March 2005Downloaded 32753 times since June 09.
Research PaperThinking about geography: some competing geopolitical models for the 21st century || The new strategic and security landscape of Southeast Europe: the case for a wider black sea area
By Peter FABER; Vasile SECARES; Research Paper No. 15 - February 2005Downloaded 32693 times since June 09.
Research PaperQuelle approche pour l’OTAN dans les Balkans à la lumière des évolutions de la sécurité dans la région?
By Gheorghe CIASCAIResearch Paper No. 14 - December 2004Downloaded 32520 times since June 09.
Research PaperL’OTAN et les Balkans: pistes pour une question qui se rappelle à nous || NATO in Afghanistan: The Challenges of political Reconstruction
By Eric CHEVALLIER; Ahmed SAMINA; Research Paper No. 13 - November 2004Downloaded 32538 times since June 09.
Research PaperNDC Academic Research Branch Distillation and Elaboration of Selected Senior Course 104 Study Project Analyses |a| Looking South: A Three-Tiered Approach to NATO Involvement in the Maghreb and Sub-Sahara Africa |b| Transforming NATO to meet Asymmetric Challenges
By Peter FABER; Jean DUFOURCQ; Research Paper No. 12 - October 2004Downloaded 32567 times since June 09.
Research PaperBeyond Tradition: A New Strategic Concept for NATO?
By Pavel NECASResearch Paper No. 11 - September 2004Downloaded 32970 times since June 09.
Research PaperLa prolifération en questions || Proliferation, a Market Approach
By Jean DUFOURCQ; André BANDEIRA; Editorial Peter FABER Research Paper No. 10 - June 2004Downloaded 32475 times since June 09.
Research PaperOperation Iraqi Freedom: Lessons Learned, Ways Ahead, and Open Questions
By Peter FABER; Carlo MASALA; Editorial Lionel PONSARD Research Paper No. 9 - June 2004Downloaded 32556 times since June 09.
Research PaperPrévention et gestion des crises: la perspective européenne || ESDP and NATO in the Wake of the Istanbul Summit
By Jean DUFOURCQ; Carlo MASALA; Editorial André BANDEIRA Research Paper No. 8 - June 2004Downloaded 32501 times since June 09.
Research PaperGéométries variables du “Moyen-Orient élargi” || Droit coranique, sociétés arabes et Dialogue méditerranéen
By Laure BORGOMANO-LOUP; Hamid TADLAOUI; Editorial Carlo MASALA Research Paper No. 7 - May 2004Downloaded 32530 times since June 09.
Research PaperNATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue: Options for the Future
By Research Division NDC Editorial Peter FABER Research Paper No. 6 - May 2004Downloaded 32636 times since June 09.NDC Research Branch Elaboration on Senior Course 103 Analyses
Research ReportThe South Caucasus: Promoting values through cooperation
By Research Division NDC Edited by Jean DUFOURCQ and Lionel PONSARD Research Report No. 20 - May 2004Downloaded 33329 times since June 09.
Research PaperNATO and Interventionism: Some Possible Criteria for the Future
By Research Division NDC Editorial Peter FABER Research Paper No. 5 - May 2004Downloaded 32647 times since June 09.NDC Research Branch Elaboration on Senior Course 103 Analyses
Research PaperGerman Foreign Policy in Crisis?
By Carlo MASALA Editorial Lionel PONSARD Research Paper No. 4 - May 2004Downloaded 32604 times since June 09.
Occasional PaperPoutine et le renouveau autocratique
By Lionel PONSARDOccasional Paper No. 1 - May 2004Downloaded 32223 times since June 09.
Research PaperLa Géorgie à la croisée des intérêts russes et américains
By Lionel PONSARD Editorial Jean DUFOURCQ Research Paper No. 3 - April 2004Downloaded 32544 times since June 09.
Research PaperL’intelligence de la Méditerranée || The Russian Orthodox Church: An Interlocutor in the NATO-Russia Relationship?
By Jean DUFOURCQ; Lionel PONSARD; Editorial Cees COOPS Research Paper No. 2 - April 2004Downloaded 32613 times since June 09.
Research PaperInfluencing Russian Public Opinion in order to Improve Russian Military Reform || La réglementation juridique de la solde du personnel militaire sous contrat en Russie: particularités, problèmes et perspectives || Criminal Influence/Control over the Russian Military-Industrial Complex in the Context of Global Security
By Igor SHARAVOV; Vladimir LEVANOV; Leonid Y. KOSALS; Editorial Lionel PONSARD Research Paper No. 1 - March 2004Downloaded 32816 times since June 09.