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New Research Division Publication - Protecting Falsehoods With a Bodyguard of Lies: Putin's Use of Information Warfare

  • 24 Feb. 2017
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  • Last updated: 02 Oct. 2018 09:46

Research Paper 136

Dear Reader,

Russia’s use of information warfare to defeat its adversaries has a long history. However, whereas previously information warfare was an adjunct to Russian statecraft, today it is the Putin regime’s governing modus operandi. This latest NDC Research Paper by one of our Visiting Scholars explains how and why Russia is extensively employing information warfare to ensure both regime survival at home and to achieve increasingly aggressive foreign policy goals abroad. The paper reveals how the West has still to grasp the full implications, yet underscores how the imperative to do so is becoming all the more urgent.

We hope you enjoy reading this illuminating and frightening story of Russia’s use of information warfare, propaganda, disinformation, and cyber warfare.


Jeffrey A. Larsen, PhD, Division Head Research

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